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Brethren (Assemblies; Gospel Halls)

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41 011808 Knox, W H Talks to Young People of Any Age on the Gospel of John : Chapter 1: Verses 1 to 18
Ilford S P Bookman 1932 Pamphlet Average 
. 37 pages, good sized print, covers foxed, one minor instance of pen underlining. It appears that W H Knox was a Brethren writer, possibly "Open". 
Price: 0.75 GBP
42 013317 Lang, George Henry The Histories and Prophecies of Daniel
London Oliphants Ltd 1940 Cloth Average 
. 210 pages, spine area faded, edges foxed. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
43 013237 MacDonald, William True Discipleship
Bombay Gospel Literature Service 1963 Pamphlet Average 
. 63 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
44 509456 Mackintosh, Charles Henry Miscellaneous Writings of C H Mackintosh: Vol 4: The Great Commission
New York Loizeaux Brothers 1955 Cloth Average 
. Conversion: What Is It? (pp 3-72); Simon Peter: His Life and Lessons (pp 3-88); Christian Perfection: What Is It? (pp 3-22); History of the Tribe of Levi Considered (pp 1-64); Glad Tidings and The Ministry of Reconciliation (pp 3-113); The Great Commission (pp 3-92). 
Price: 3.75 GBP
45 445297 McClure, William John The Works of W J McClure: Assembly Writers Library Vol 4: The Tabernacle; Esther; The Seven Churches of Asia; The Overcomers; A Word to Preachers; Poems
Glasgow Gospel Tract Publications 1981 Cloth Good 
. 422 pages, edges a bit foxed. 
Price: 14.50 GBP
46 008724 Needed Truth Needed Truth: A Magazine for the Teaching of the Word of God: Volume 69: January to December 1962
Bromley Needed Truth Publishing Office 1962 Cloth Average 
. 192 pages. The magazine of a small British Brethren grouping called the Churches of God, also associated with Hayes Press and the Search for Truth radio programme. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
47 007527 Needed Truth Needed Truth: A Magazine for the Teaching of the Word of God: Volume 87: January to December 1980
Bromley Needed Truth Publishing Office 1980 Cloth Average 
. 192 pages. The magazine of a small British Brethren grouping called the Churches of God, also associated with Hayes Press and the Search for Truth radio programme. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
48 445054 Newton, Benjamin Wills Ancient Truths Respecting the Deity and True Humanity of the Lord Jesus. Christ Our Suffering Surety. Note on 1 Peter 2: 24
London Houlston & Sons 1893 Second Edition Paperback Average Minus 
. 118 pages. Spine missing, late 20th century seller's label to front cover and title page, edges foxed. 
Price: 12.50 GBP
49 445055 Newton, Benjamin Wills Egypt Palestine and Syria - Their Prospects in Syria
London Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony 1947 Pamphlet Average 
. 19 pages. Extracts from "Babylon and Egypt: Their Future, History and Doom". 
Price: 1.00 GBP
50 445056 Newton, Benjamin Wills Jerusalem: Its Future History
London Lucas Collins 1908 Third Edition Paperback Average Plus 
. 58 pages, late 20th century seller's label to front cover and title page. 
Price: 4.50 GBP
51 445057 Newton, Benjamin Wills Moses: The Child of Faith
London Houlston & Sons 1892 Paperback Average 
. 64 pages, edges and spine foxed. Late 20th century seller's label to front cover and title page. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
52 445390 Pember, George Hawkins; Lang, George Henry (editor) Mystery Babylon the Great and the Mysteries of Catholicism: An Exposition of Revelation 17 and 18 and an Account of the Rise of the Roman Catholic Church under Pagan Influences
London Oliphants Ltd 1942 Cloth Average 
. viii + 147 pages. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
53 440160 Pierson, Arthur Tappan George Müller (Muller, Mueller) of Bristol
London Pickering & Inglis Ltd 1960 Hard Cover Average Average Minus 
. 383 pages, only a limited number of illustrations. This copy undated but published in the post WWII era when the large orphan homes had been replaced by a small number of family group homes - refers to 1958. Edges foxed. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
54 453292 Pollock, Algernon J The Journey and Its End
London Central Bible Hammond Trust 1990 0901860115 / 9780901860118 Paperback Average 
. 159 pages. 
Price: 1.50 GBP
55 445319 Ritchie, John The Tabernacle in the Wilderness
Glasgow The Publishing Office 1885 Cloth Average 
. 124 pages, illustrated. This copy undated. Front flyleaf missing. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
56 445300 Ritchie, John The Works of John Ritchie: Assembly Writers Library Vol 7: Daniel, Romans, Galatians, Revelation
Glasgow Gospel Tract Publications 1982 Cloth Average Plus 
. 560 pages, edges a bit foxed, back hinge a bit worn. Brief memoir by John Ritchie, Junior, Lectures on the Book of Daniel, Notes on Paul's Epistle to the Romans, Notes on Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, Lectures on the Book of Revelation. 
Price: 14.50 GBP
57 010486 Short, Arthur Rendle Why Believe?
London Inter-Varsity Fellowship 1954 Sixth Edition Paperback Average 
. 108 pages, apologetics book by a Brethren Christian who was Professor of Surgery in the University of Bristol. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
58 009505 Smith, Hamilton Elijah: A Prophet of the Lord
London Central Bible Truth Depot 1921 Paperback Poor 
. 95 pages, covers worn, spine missing. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
59 422321 Soltau, Henry W The Tabernacle, the Priesthood and the Offerings
Fincastle Scripture Truth Book Company 1965 Cloth Average 
. 474 pages, edges discoloured / foxed, endpapers stained. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
60 504324 Steer, Roger George Müller (Heroes of the Cross series)
London Marshall Pickering 1989 0551011386 / 9780551011380 Paperback Good 
. 96 pages. Note that this is a biography for older children, and is not Steer's other work on Müller published by Hodder and later Christian Focus. 
Price: 1.75 GBP

Newly Catalogued Books
Lectures on the Church of God
Kelly, William
4.75 GBP

Lectures on the Second Coming and Kingdom of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Kelly, William
4.75 GBP

Lectures on the Book of Revelation, with a New Translation
Kelly, William
7.50 GBP

Lectures on the Epistle of Jude (Translated from a Corrected Text)
Kelly, William; Hocking, W J (editor)
4.75 GBP

The Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians: Translated from a Correct Text, and Expounded by William Kelly
Kelly, William
4.75 GBP

Notes on the Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians, with a New Translation
Kelly, William
4.75 GBP

Lectures Introductory to the Study of the Acts, the Catholic Epistles, and the Revelation
Kelly, William
4.75 GBP

An Exposition of the Gospel of Luke
Kelly, William
6.75 GBP

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