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201 422347 Baxter, Richard Extract from a Narrative of the Most Memorable Passages of His Life and Times
Oxford James Parker and Co 1869 Cloth Average 
. 45 pages, good sized print. In this extract from Reliquiae Baxterianae, Baxter discusses his beliefs, principles, and what he found important. 
Price: 5.00 GBP
202 013248 Baxter, Richard The Saint's Everlasting Rest
Grand Rapids Christian Classics 1970 Paperback Average 
. 136 pages, not known which abridgment this is. Appears to be a 1970s Jay Green imprint. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
203 012451 Baxter, Richard; Owen, W Stuart (editor) The Ministry We Need: An Abridged and Rewritten Version of 'The Reformed Pastor' (Great Christian Classics No 16)
London Grace Publications Trust 1997 0946462518 First Edition Thus Paperback Average 
. 143 pages. 
Price: 2.50 GBP
204 013267 Baxter, Richard; Tawney, Jeannette (editor); Gore, Charles (preface) Chapters from A Christian Directory: or a Summ of Practical Theology and Cases of Conscience
London G Bell & Sons Ltd 1925 Cloth Average Average 
. xvi + 173 pages + index. Edges, title page etc foxed. Selections from the First Edition of 1673. Duties of Servants to Masters, and Masters to Servants and to Slaves in the Plantations; Directions for the Poor and their Temptations and Special Duties. Directions for the Rich. Directions against Theft, Fraud, or injurious getting, keeping or desiring that which is another's; Cases of Conscience about Theft and Injury. General Directions and particular Cases of Conscience about Contracts in general, and about Buying and Selling, Borrowing and Lending, and Usury in particular. Motives and Directions against Oppression; also its Sorts, Grossness and Cure. Cases about and Directions against Prodigality and Sinful Wastefulness. 
Price: 7.50 GBP
205 441441 Baxter, Richard; Wilkinson, John T The Saints' Everlasting Rest
London Epworth Press 1962 Hard Cover Average 
. 187 pages, edges and endpapers foxed. Abridged and with an introduction by John T Wilkinson. Appendix: 3 page Hand-List of Editions of The Saints' Everlasting Rest. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
206 495555 Beaton, Donald Memoir, Biographical Sketches, Letters, Lectures and Sermons (English and Gaelic) of Neil Cameron
Inverness Northern Counties 1932 First Edition Cloth Average Minus 
. 304 pages, spine taped, withdrawn stamps. Memoirs (first part autobiography), letters, and sermons of Neil Cameron (1854-1932) a leading early minister in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
207 425242 Beckensall, Stan Northumberland Place Names: A Guide to the Meaning of Town and Village Names
Thropton Butler Publishing 1992 094692841X Pamphlet Very Good 
. 50 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
208 210083 Bede; Sherley-Price, Leo (translator) A History of the English Church and People
London Penguin Books 1962 Hard Cover Average 
. 341 pages. Amateur but serviceable rebind as a hardback. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
209 423270 Bedsole, Adolph The Pastor in Profile
Grand Rapids Baker Book House 1958 Hard Cover Average 
. 166 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
210 502016 Beecher, Henry Ward The Original Plymouth Pulpit Vol 3: Sept 1869 - March 1870
New York Fords, Howard & Hulbert 1893 Cloth Average Minus 
. 456 pages, some wear & tear to spine and corners, front internal hinge almost gone. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
211 502018 Beecher, Henry Ward The Original Plymouth Pulpit Vol 9: Sept 1872 - March 1873
New York Fords, Howard & Hulbert 1893 Cloth Average Minus 
. 503 pages, some wear & tear to spine and corners, exterior slightly damp stained, back internal hinge almost gone. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
212 437928 Beeke, Joel R A Reader's Guide to Reformed Literature: An Annotated Bibliography of Reformed Theology
Grand Rapids Reformation Heritage Books 1999 1892777150 Paperback Good 
. 98 pages, guides to reading on theological topics, selected according to the sections of the Belgic Confession. 
Price: 7.50 GBP
213 011066 Beeke, Joel R; Boorsma, Heidi God's Alphabet for Life: Devotions for Young Children
Grand Rapids Reformation Heritage Books 2000 1892777193 Paperback Good 
. 65 pages. 
Price: 2.00 GBP
214 472350 Beeke, Joel R; Kleyn, Diana How God Used a Snowdrift, and other devotional stories (Building on the Rock, Book 3)
Tain Christian Focus Publications 2006 1857928172 Paperback Average 
. 171 pages, paper a bit browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
215 495379 Beeley, Ray Amos: Introduction and Commentary
London Banner of Truth Trust 1970 0851510213 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 117 pages. Later republished as "The Roaring of the Lion". 
Price: 1.75 GBP
216 451320 Beidler, Rod; Das, Bruce; Hoo, Ray; Prensner, Doug; Reis, Ed; Soderberg, Gene; Sparks, Bob Living with God: God's Design for the Family: Book 3
Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A. NavPress Publishing Group 1980 0891090304 Paperback Average 
. 95 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
217 437462 Beisner, E Calvin Psalms of Promise: Exploring the Majesty and Faithfulness of God
Phillipsburg Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co 1994 087552107X Second Edition Paperback Good 
. xvi + 283 pages. Spine creased, previous owner's stamp to flyleaf, otherwise good. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
218 422342 Beith, Alexander Christ Our Life: or Expository Discourses on the Gospel by John: Volume 1 (only, of 2)
London James Nisbet & Co 1856 Cloth Poor 
. viii + 527 pages. Covers John 1 to 3. Cloth spine missing; part of pages 7-10, 19-20, 47-48; whole of pages 15-16, 23-26, 29-30, 37-38, 45-46, 55-56 mysteriously cut out, some very old neat pen annotation throughout, which contains alterations which were incorporated in the second edition and therefore seems very likely to be Beith's own handwriting. Alexander Beith (1799-1891) was minister of the Free North Church, Stirling. 
Price: 17.50 GBP
219 003826 Bell, Mackenzie The Collected Poems of MacKenzie Bell
London Francis Riddell Henderson 1904 Cloth Average 
. 232 pages, edges rough cut. Henry Thomas Mackenzie Bell (1856-1930) was a poet and literary critic, with particular contact with the Rossettis and William Morris. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
220 509134 Bell, Nancy Regina Emily Heroes of Discovery in North Africa
London Walter Scott, Limited 1899 Cloth Average Plus 
. 413 pages, green cloth with red, black and gilt decoration, gilt edges. Revised and updated edition of 1899 with a final chapter by another writer, print date for this particular printing not given, but prize label to inside front cover dated 1912. 
Price: 14.50 GBP
221 441433 Bellshaw, William G Down From His Glory: A Study in the Gospel of John: Adult Student Study Guide
Denver Accent Bible Curriculum 1984 091640658X Paperback Good 
. 111 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
222 010210 Bendor-Samuel, Theodore Harold New Delhi and After
London British Evangelical Council 1963 Pamphlet Average 
. 13 pages. An examination of developments in the ecumenical movement. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
223 476196 Benfold, Gary Reach Out for Him: Knowing the Unknown God
Leominster Day One Publications 2006 1846250188 Pamphlet Very Good 
. 35 pages, full colour evangelistic booklet. 9 copies available at the time of cataloguing. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
224 508040 Benn, Wallace The Last Word: Jesus' Teaching in the Upper Room
Tain Christian Focus Publications 1998 1857920791 Paperback Good Plus 
. 179 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
225 504204 Bennett, Richard Your Quest for God
Tain Christian Focus Publications 1996 1857922166 Revised & Expanded Edition Paperback Average 
. 128 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
226 431242 Bennett, Richard A Food for Faith: A Biblical Manual: Guidelines for a Consistent and Living Fellowship with God
Franklin, TN Providence House Publishers 1998 157736113X Paperback Very Good 
. 127 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
227 514165 Bennett, William J The De-Valuing of America: The Fight for Our Culture and Our Children (The Devaluing of America)
Colorado Springs Focus on the Family Publishing 1994 1561792241 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
. 267 pages. An interesting book full of autobiographical detail by the US Secretary of Education under President Reagan. Covers people who were successfully tackling education and drug problems at grass roots level. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
228 461315 Bennett, William Woodhull A Narrative of the Great Revival which Prevailed in the Southern Armies during the Late Civil War between the States of the Federal Union
Harrisonburg Sprinkle Publications 1976 1594420505 Paperback Good 
. 427 pages. 
Price: 6.75 GBP
229 446166 Bennett, William Woodhull A Narrative of the Great Revival which Prevailed in the Southern Armies during the Late Civil War between the States of the Federal Union
Harrisonburg Sprinkle Publications 1976 1594420505 Paperback Average 
. 427 pages. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
230 007561 Benton, John Coming to Faith in Christ
Edinburgh Banner of Truth Trust 1977 0851512526 Pamphlet Average 
. 16 pages, good sized print. 
Price: 0.65 GBP
231 446330 Benton, John Losing Touch with the Living God: The Message of Malachi: Welwyn Commentary Series
Welwyn Evangelical Press 1985 0852342128 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 140 pages. 
Price: 6.75 GBP
232 013364 Benton, John The Big Picture for Small Churches - and Large Ones, Too! : How to Thrive and Survive as a Small Congregation
Darlington Evangelical Press 2005 0852345895 First Edition Paperback Good 
. 208 pages. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
233 441434 Benton, John; Peet, John God's Riches: A Work-Book on the Doctrines of Grace
Edinburgh Banner of Truth Trust 1991 0851516017 Paperback Good Plus 
. 85 pages, nice condition, workbook pages not filled in at all. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
234 509125 Benware, Paul N Survey of the Old Testament (Everyman's Bible Commentary Ser.)
Chicago Moody Press 1988 0802420915 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 267 pages. Edges foxed/grubby. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
235 011571 Beougher, Tim; Dorsett, Lyle Tears of Revival: A First-Hand Account of the Dramatic Spiritual Awakening at Wheaton College ... and Beyond
Eastbourne Kingsway Publications 1995 0854766081 Paperback Average 
. 159 pages, paper slightly browned. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
236 492756 Berghoef, Gerard; DeKoster, Lester The Great Divide: Christianity or Evolution?
Edinburgh Banner of Truth Trust 1989 0851515584 Paperback Good 
. 180 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
237 465024 Berkeley, George A New Theory of Vision and Other Select Philosophical Writings (Everyman 's Library No 483)
London J M Dent & Sons Ltd 1922 Cloth Average 
. xxiv + 303 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
238 013994 Berkhof, Louis Systematic Theology
London Banner of Truth Trust 2012 0851510566 Cloth Very Good Very Good 
. 784 pages. An invaluable study of reformed beliefs on a wide range of doctrines, contrasted with those of theologians of other types. 
Price: 7.50 GBP
239 013755 Berkhof, Louis A Summary of Christian Doctrine
Edinburgh Banner of Truth Trust 1971 0851510558 Paperback Average 
. 184 pages. Edges foxed. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
240 446366 Berkhof, Louis The History of Christian Doctrines
London Banner of Truth Trust 1969 0851510051 Cloth Average Average 
. 285 pages. Edges heavily foxed. 
Price: 5.75 GBP
241 011326 Berkouwer, G C [Gerrit Cornelis]; Smedes, Lewis B (translator) The Providence of God: Studies in Dogmatics Series (English Language translation of De Voorziening Gods)
London Inter-Varsity Press 1972 0802830293 Cloth Good Good 
. 280 pages. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
242 472362 Berry, Anne E Giving Hope and a Future: Bethany Christian Trust: The First 25 Years
Tain Christian Focus Publications 2009 184550447X Paperback Good 
. 254 pages, illustrated. The story of an Edinburgh Christian charity ministering to the homeless, underprivileged, and addicted. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
243 504260 Berry, Glen (editor) Youth's Living Ideals: A Magazine of Christian Guidance: Vol 17, No 4, January 1977
Elon College, North Carolina, USA Youth's Living Ideals 1977 Pamphlet Good 
. 15 pages. A Calvinist magazine for young people. The first article is about a conversion from the Jehovah's Witnesses. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
244 432163 Berry, Winford Jennings Tracing the True Worship of God
Elon College, North Carolina, USA Primitive Publications 1971 Paperback Good 
. 175 pages. Winford Jennings Berry (1908-1986) was editor of the Old Faith Contender, a Primitive Baptist periodical. Uncommon book. 
Price: 19.50 GBP
245 437978 Bettenson, Henry (editor) Documents of the Christian Church: Selected and Edited by Henry Bettenson
London Oxford University Press 1963 Second Edition Cloth Average Average 
. xx + 489 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
246 210064 Bevan, Frances William Farel (True Stories of God's Servants series)
London Alfred Holness 1880 Second Edition Cloth Good 
. 405 pages, illustrated; red cloth with bright black and gilt decoration; spine somewhat faded and has a little wear and tear. Undated. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
247 442187 Bewes, Cecil Letters With Love: Flexible Soft Cover Gift Edition (Daily Readings)
Tain Christian Focus Publications 2011 1845507398 Hard Cover Good 
. Daily readings for a year, written by Richard Bewes' father while in his eighties, to a grand-daughter at a time of prolonged illness. Cecil Bewes, who died in 1993, worked with CMS in Kenya and as a missionary co-ordinator across Africa. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
248 010310 Bewes, Richard God in Ward 12
Guildford Lutterworth Press 1973 0718820274 Paperback Average 
. 92 pages. Stories of Richard Bewes' hospital ministry in his local hospital. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
249 472412 Bewes, Richard Beginning the Christian Life
Tain Christian Focus Publications 2004 1845500172 Paperback Average 
. 168 pages. Paper a bit yellowed. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
250 472410 Bewes, Richard The Lamb Wins: A Guided Tour Through the Book of Revelation
Tain Christian Focus Publications 2000 1857925971 Paperback Average 
. 160 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
251 504544 Bewes, Richard The Goodnight Book
Tain Christian Focus Publications 2009 1845504658 Paperback Good 
. 123 bedtime meditations. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
252 442270 Bewes, Richard 150 Pocket Thoughts: Let the Bible Reinvigorate Your Day (Daily Readings)
Tain Christian Focus Publications 2004 1857929918 Hard Cover Good 
. 160 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
253 008873 Bewes, Richard; Hicks, Robert Explaining Bible Truth: The Last Things
London Scripture Union 1981 0854219153 Pamphlet Average 
. 24 pages. Colour illustrated booklet. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
254 504018 Bewes, Richard; Hicks, Robert Explaining Bible Truth: Man
London Scripture Union 1981 0854219153 Pamphlet Average 
. 24 pages. Colour illustrated booklet. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
255 493114 Beza, Theodore; Clark, James (editor) The Christian Faith
Inverness James Clark 2016 Paperback New 
. xii + 112 pages. A translation of Beza's Confession de Foi du Chrétien, based on the 1558 French edition, with later improvements taken from the author's own 1560 Latin edition. Theodore Beza (1519-1605) was a French Reformer who became colleague and successor to John Calvin at Geneva. Translation by James Clark, who is minister of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in Inverness. 
Price: 5.75 GBP
256 493999a Beza, Theodore; Clark, James (editor) The Christian Faith
Inverness James Clark 2016 Paperback New 
. xii + 112 pages. A translation of Beza's Confession de Foi du Chrétien, based on the 1558 French edition, with later improvements taken from the author's own 1560 Latin edition. Theodore Beza (1519-1605) was a French Reformer who became colleague and successor to John Calvin at Geneva. Translation by James Clark, who is minister of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in Inverness. 
Price: 5.75 GBP
257 495755 Bible Words of Joy: From the Bible
Oxford Lion Books 1991 0745919723 Paperback Average 
. 1990s gift book with words from the psalms (GNB) and colour photos from around the world. Gift inscription to front endpaper. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
258 424187 Bible League Quarterly Bible League Quarterly: Number 391: October-December 1997
Salisbury Bible League 1997 Pamphlet Average 
. 32 pages. "To promote the reverent study of the Holy Scriptures, and to resist the varied attacks made upon their inspiration, inerrancy and sole sufficiency as the Word of God." 
Price: 0.75 GBP
259 013971 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version The Holy Bible: Diamond 16mo Edition with Marginal References and Brass Clasp
London British and Foreign Bible Society 1893 Leather Good 
. 768 pages, 5¾ x 4¼ x 1 inch, black leather hardcover with brass edges and working clasp, page edges gilt, tiny print. A little wear and spear to top and bottom of leather spine, but in general quite a nice little Bible. Inscribed: Presented to Kate Alsop by the Wesleyan Sunday School, Cotherston. April 25, 1893. God is Love. 1 John 4:8. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
260 492922 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version The One Year Bible: One Year Bible: Authorized King James Version
London HM Printers Eyre & Spottiswoode Publishers 1988 0413923304 Paperback Average 
. The whole Bible arranged over 365 days, with a section from Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms/Proverbs in the order they appear in the Bible Covers worn. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
261 464650 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version Confidence (Large Print Selections from the Bible)
London Trinitarian Bible Society 1975 Pamphlet Average 
. 16 pages. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
262 012978 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version The Holy Bible: Ruby Text Bible
London Collins' Clear Type Press 1958 Hard Cover Average Plus 
. 800 + 247 pages, picture pages removed, otherwise in good condition. 6 x 4 x 1 inch. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
263 464651a Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version The Light of the World (Large Print Selections from the Bible)
London Trinitarian Bible Society 1985 Pamphlet Good 
. 16 pages. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
264 495506 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version Extra Large Print Bible: Vol 4: New Testament
London Trinitarian Bible Society 1993 0907861768 Hard Cover Good Plus 
. 1200 pages, Double Pica 19 point text. 
Price: 13.50 GBP
265 451952 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version The Beatitudes (Inspirational Library)
New York, NY, U.S.A. Belair Publishing Company Inc 1981 0832620033 Hard Cover Very Good 
. The Beatitudes from the King James Version printed on cream paper with illuminated borders and capitals. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
266 424201 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version The Way of Salvation
London Scripture Gift Mission 1970 Pamphlet Good 
. 32 pages, giant print, verses and short passages from the Bible. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
267 013861 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version Holy Bible: Red Letter Edition with Concordance: New Emerald Reference Edition
Oxford Oxford University Press 1985 Hard Cover Good 
. 956 + 95 pages. Undated. 7½ x 5¼ x 1 inches, thin maroon flexible leather-grain synthetic cover. Previous owner's name to inside front cover. 
Price: 6.75 GBP
268 468342 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version (selections) Continue in Prayer
London Trinitarian Bible Society 1960 Pamphlet Average Minus 
. 31 days, brief selections from the Bible for use as daily readings for a month. A few verses handwritten on inside of the covers. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
269 009868 Bible, Authorised Version, King James Version; Johnston, Steve (narrator) Holy Bible: King James Version: An Original Word for Word Dramatic Narration: Cassettes
El Toro, California, USA Ebsco Ltd Inc 1985 Tapes Good 
. TWO TAPES MISSING out of 48. No 25 (Psalm 107 - Proverbs 10) and No 29 (Isaiah 59:16-Jeremiah 19) missing. We have tried out several tapes and they are working; in case of malfunction please contact us for a refund. 
Price: 24.50 GBP
270 014065 Bible, Hebrew, Old Testament; Letteris, Meir Ha-Levi (editor) Sepher Torah Neviim u-Ketuvim; The Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament: Hebrew and English
Vienna Adolf Holzhausen 1896 Leather Poor 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall 
. 1384 pages, clear Hebrew type, small Hebrew footnotes. Books in order of Hebrew Bible rather than English Bible. Embossed brown leather binding, spine missing, boards detached and worn, a few early pages loose, tatty, discoloured, one torn. Leather leaving dusty residue. This edition seems likely to have been produced in conjunction with the British and Foreign Bible Society, who produced apparently identical editions later; the words "Hebrew Bible 1896" are printed in English on the reverse of the title page. 
Price: 5.00 GBP
271 451601 Bible, New International Version Focus on Forgiveness
London Ark Publishing 1980 0862010411 Pamphlet Average 
. 32 page booklet with colour photographs and quotations from NIV Bible. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
272 444471 Bible, New King James Version The New Open Bible NKJV Reader's Edition Nelson 1453
Nashville Thomas Nelson 1991 Leather Average 
. BLACK Bonded Leather study Bible. 347 + 1568 pages + maps. 8¾ x 5¾ x 1½ inches. In quite good used condition; gift inscription to flyleaf. 
Price: 35.00 GBP
273 444314 Bible, New King James Version Gift & Award Bible-NKJV: New King James Gift and Award Bible: Imitation Leather, White
Nashville Thomas Nelson Publishers 1992 0840700547 Imitation Leather Average 
. v + 834 + 24 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
274 011222 Bible, Revised Version Christian Stewardship
London Scripture Gift Mission 1965 Pamphlet Good 
. 30 pages, scripture verses under 13 headings, taken from the Revised Version with slight modifications. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
275 446259 Bible, Spanish La Santa Biblia: Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento
United Kingdom Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas 1960 Hard Cover Average 
. 1157 pages plus maps. Antigua Versión de Casiodoro de Reina (1569) revisada por Cipriano de Valera (1602) Otras Revisiones: 1862, 1909 y 1960. Despite revisions as late as 1960, this edition includes passages not present in non-Textus Receptus Bible translations. Covers protected with clear adhesive film, a very small amount pen marking, page edges somewhat worn/stained. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
276 431223 Bidston, Graham The Authority of the Holy Scriptures
Chelmsford Bible Spreading Union 2001 Pamphlet Good 
. 9 pages, sermon preached at the 111th Annual Meeting of the Bible Spreading Union. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
277 427251 Bimson, J J (editor); Kane, J P (editor) New Bible Atlas
Leicester Inter-Varsity Press/Lion Publishing/Tyndale House Publishers 1985 085110634X First Edition Hard Cover Good Good 
. 128 pages, colour maps and photos. The map of the Exodus shows routes well to the north of the Red Sea, surprising given that whatever the literal meaning of Yam Suph in Exodus, two different authors in the New Testament clearly refer to a "Red" sea. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
278 510691 Bingham, Derick On Highest Ground: Surveying Your Resources in Christ: A Daily Devotional
Belfast Ambassador 1999 184030068X First Edition Hard Cover Very Good 
. 305 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
279 013379 Bingham, Derick Encouragement: The Oxygen of the Soul
Tain Christian Focus Publications 1997 1857923170 Paperback Average 
. 158 pages, paper a bit browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
280 491838 Bingham, Derick Backsliding: Its Causes and Cure: Pathways Series
Belfast Ambassador 1994 1898787026 Pamphlet Very Good 
. 31 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
281 514336 Birkett, Kirsten R (ed) Kategoria: A Critical Review of Modern Life: Issue 4: Summer 1997: Stargazing: Astrology and the Lure of the Irrational
Kingsford St Matthias Press 1997 Paperback Very Good 
. 65 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
282 425239 Bjørklund, Oddvar, Holmboe, Haakon; Røhr, Anders Chambers Atlas of World History
Edinburgh W & R Chambers, Limited 1977 0550180079 Paperback Average Plus 
. 108 bold colour maps illustrating the movement and progress of history from 3000 BC, with index. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
283 011752 Black, George F (compiler) A List of Works Relating to Scotland
New York The New York Public Library 1916 Cloth Average 
. viii + 1233 pages. A vast bibliography by 25 main subjects and many subdivisions. Signed by Alexander McLeish Frizzell. Some of the entries from the errata list corrected in pen in the body of the book, spine rubbed/a bit frayed. 
Price: 65.00 GBP
284 010692 Blackham, Paul Book by Book: Philippians, Study Guide
London Biblical Frameworks 2006 1905975023 First Edition Paperback Very Good 
. 104 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
285 435366 Blackwood, Andrew Watterson Evangelism in the Home Church
New York Abingdon-Cokesbury Press 1942 Hard Cover Average 
. 160 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
286 422346 Blackwood, Stevenson Arthur (Sir) Heavenly Places: Addresses on the Book of Joshua
London James Nisbet & Co 1873 Cloth Average 
. 177 pages plus catalogue. Sir Stevenson Arthur Blackwood (1832-1893) was in charge of the British Post Office, and was chairman of the Mildmay Conference. He held a moderate form of Holiness teaching. 
Price: 15.00 GBP
287 012954 Blaikie, Alexander A Catechism on Praise
Boston S K Whipple & Co 1854 Pamphlet Average 
. 33 pages. Loose photocopied A4 sheets. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
288 012955 Blaikie, Alexander A Catechism on Praise
Boston S K Whipple & Co 1854 Pamphlet Average 
. 33 pages. Loose photocopied A4 sheets. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
289 013682 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave The Young Man Mark: Studies in Some Aspects of Mark and His Gospel
Exeter Paternoster 1966 0853640238 Paperback Average 
. 112 pages, paper browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
290 490594 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave The Acts of the Apostles: An Historical Commentary: Tyndale New Testament Commentaries Series
London Tyndale Press 1959 First Edition Hard Cover Average Average 
. 197 pages. Some foxing to edges and endpapers, dust jacket protected with non-adhesive film(acetate?). 
Price: 2.75 GBP
291 435525 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave The Century of the New Testament
London Inter-Varsity Fellowship 1962 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 158 pages, edges foxed. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
292 012392 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave Letters to Children of Light: Commentary on First, Second & Third John (A Bible Commentary for Laymen series)
Glendale GL Regal Books 1976 0830704604 Paperback Average Minus 
. 127 pages, paper browned. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
293 010344 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave; Bruce, Frederick Fyvie Bible Characters and Doctrines: Volume 13: Ananias to Paul (Blaiklock); The Kingdom and the Church (Bruce
London Scripture Union 1974 0854213163 Paperback Average 
. 127 pages, pages a bit browned. One of 16 small paperbacks designed to provide daily readings for 4 years. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
294 013060 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave; Cundall, Arthur Ernest Bible Characters and Doctrines: Volume 2: Joseph to Moses (Blaiklock); God in His World (Cundall)
London Scripture Union 1971 0854213058 Paperback Average 
. 128 pages, pages browned One of 16 small paperbacks designed to provide daily readings for 4 years. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
295 009181 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave; Grogan, Geoffrey Bible Characters and Doctrines: Volume 4: Elkanah to David (Blaiklock); The Holy Trinity (Grogan)
London Scripture Union 1972 0854213074 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 126 pages, pages browned and foxed. One of 16 small paperbacks designed to provide daily readings for 4 years. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
296 013061 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave; Kirby, Gilbert W Bible Characters and Doctrines: Volume 15: The Corinthians to Demas (Blaiklock); The Church's Ministry and Ordinances (Kirby)
London Scripture Union 1975 085421318X Paperback Average Minus 
. 128 pages, paper browned. One of 16 small paperbacks designed to provide daily readings for 4 years. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
297 011318 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave; Morris, Leon Bible Characters and Doctrines: Volume 12: Philip to The Church in Jerusalem (Blaiklock); The Holy Spirit (Morris)
London Scripture Union 1974 0854213155 Paperback Average Minus 
. 125 pages, paper browned. One of 16 small paperbacks designed to provide daily readings for 4 years. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
298 013440 Blaiklock, Edward Musgrave; Packer, J I Bible Characters and Doctrines: Volume 11: The Shepherd to Judas (Blaiklock); Life in Christ (Packer)
London Scripture Union 1974 0854213147 Paperback Average Minus 
. 125 pages, paper browned. One of 16 small paperbacks designed to provide daily readings for 4 years. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
299 012716 Blair, Hugh J Kingship in Israel and Its Implications for the Lordship of Christ Today
Belfast Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland 1975 Pamphlet Average 
. 14 pages, reprinted from the Evangelical Quarterly. Although the author begins by criticising Liberal Criticism, he later quotes favourably from Robertson Smith. Paper browned. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
300 441578 Blanchard, John Where Was God on September 11?
Darlington Evangelical Press 2002 0852345089 Pamphlet Very Good 
. 31 pages. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
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