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601 441266 Church, Joe E Every Man a Bible Student
London Children's Special Service Mission (later Scripture Union) 1960 Paperback Average Average 
. 82 pages. A Bible Doctrine Bible reading book which grew out of needs for Bible teaching during the Ruanda revival. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
602 013432 Church, Leslie Frederic The Life of Jesus: His Journeying and His Triumph
London Epworth Press 1956 Cloth Average Average 
. 263 pages, edges foxed. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
603 013433 Churchill, Robert King Glorious is the Baptism of the Spirit
Nutley Presbyterian and Reformed 1976 Paperback Good 
. 74 pages. Dedicated to Professor John Murray. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
604 511465 Clark, Arnold S Calling All Children
Redhill National Sunday School Union 1965 First Edition Paperback Good 
. 99 pages. Christian talks for children by the chairman of Spurgeon's homes. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
605 437401 Clark, Dougan The Theology of Holiness
Bath Classic Reprints/Douglas A Crossman 1980 0906235022 Paperback Average Plus 
. 185 pages. Wesleyan Holiness/Second Blessing teaching. Dougan Clark was Professor of Systematic Theology and Church History at Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, and of Quaker parentage. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
606 444497 Clark, Gordon H First John: A Commentary
Phillipsburg, NJ, U.S.A. Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company 1980 0875521665 Paperback Average 
. 168 pages. Undated. A small amount of untidy pen underlining. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
607 423400 Clark, Gordon H I & II Peter
Phillipsburg Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company 1980 0875521673 Paperback Average 
. 159 + 78 pages. A combined edition of "Peter Speaks Today: A Devotional Commentary on First Peter"; and "II Peter, A Short Commentary". 
Price: 6.75 GBP
608 446204 Clark, Gordon H Peter Speaks Today: A Devotional Commentary on First Peter
Philadelphia Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company 1967 Paperback Average 
. 159 pages. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
609 437621 Clark, Gordon Haddon Biblical Predestination [An International Library of Philosophy and Theology: Biblical and Theological Studies]
Phillipsburg Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co 1979 0875521371 Paperback Good 
. 155 pages. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
610 493097 Clark, James The Life and Works of Samuel Rutherford
Inverness James Clark 2017 Pamphlet New 
. 53 pages. 
Price: 2.50 GBP
611 013270 Clark, Robert E D Darwin: Before and After: An Examination and Assessment
Exeter Paternoster 1966 Paperback Average 
. 192 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
612 490557 Clark, Robert E; Brubaker, Joanne; Zuck, Roy B Childhood Education in the Church
Chicago Moody Press 1989 0802412513 Revised Edition Hard Cover Good Good 
. viii + 628 pages. Top edges foxed. 35 essays by experts in childhood education, for instance: How Children Think and Learn; Understanding Third and Fourth Graders; Teaching Intellectually Impaired Children; Recreation and Camping for Children; Children and their Theological Concepts; Using the Bible with Children; Story Playing with Children; The Role of Home Schooling in Childhood. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
613 490559 Clark, Robert E; Johnson, Lin; Sloat, Allyn K Christian Education: Foundations for the Future
Chicago Moody Press 1991 0802416470 Hard Cover Good 
. 636 pages. Forty chapters by assorted Christian educators under the following headings: The Definitive Nature of Christian Education; The Teaching-Learning Process in Christian Education; The Ministry is to People; The Church's Strategies for Christian Education; The Church's Allies for Christian Education. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
614 476145 Clark, Stephen B The Da Vinci Code on Trial: Filtering Fact from Fiction
Bridgend Bryntirion Press 2005 1850492093 Paperback Good 
. 94 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
615 438033 Clarke, Arthur G Analytical Studies in the Psalms
Kilmarnock John Ritchie Ltd 1979 Hard Cover Good Average 
. 376 pages. Edges a bit foxed. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
616 421988 Clarke, George The Christian Athlete
London Marshall Bros 1890 Cloth Average 
. 63 pages, encouragement to Christians to take up athletic pursuits, with lessons for the Christian life. Undated. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
617 012499 Clarke, Greg Revelation: The Vision Statement (Interactive Bible Studies)
London Good Book Company 2003 1876326522 Pamphlet Very Good 
. 85 pages, 9 interactive Bible studies for individuals and small groups. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
618 012500 Clarke, Greg Revelation: The Vision Statement (Interactive Bible Studies)
London Good Book Company 2003 1876326522 Pamphlet Very Good 
. 85 pages, 9 interactive Bible studies for individuals and small groups. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
619 013915 Clarke, Samuel A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God: And Other Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy)
Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2010 0521599954 Paperback Very Good 
. xxxvii + 168 pages. Samuel Clarke (1675-1729) was an Anglican clergyman, philosopher and mathematician; he held Arminian views and was at one stage accused of Arianism. 
Price: 12.50 GBP
620 492925 Clarke, Samuel One Hundred and Seventy Three Sermons on Several Subjects: In Five Volumes : Vol 5 (only)
Dublin J Leathley Etc 1751 Leather Average 
. 468 pages plus indexes to the series, external hinges starting to crack. Samuel Clarke (1675-1729) was an Anglican clergyman, philosopher and mathematician; he held Arminian views and was at one stage accused of Arianism. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
621 009489 Clarke, Samuel; Hoadly, Benjamin (preface) Sermons ... In Eleven Volumes: Volume 1 (only)
London J and P Knapton 1749 Leather Average Minus 
. xlix + 264 pages, last 10 pages (5 sheets of the sermon on the Justice of God) eaten away with text incomplete. 17 sermons on the attributes of God with biographical preface by Benjamin Hoadly, Bishop succesively of Salisbury and Winchester . Samuel Clarke (1675-1729) was an Anglican clergyman, philosopher and mathematician; he held Arminian views and was at one stage accused of Arianism. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
622 011299 Clarkson, Margaret Single
Eastbourne Kingsway Publications 1980 0860650766 Paperback Average 
. 153 pages, paper somewhat browned. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
623 513321 Claydon, Graham Time with God
Leicester Inter-Varsity Press 1979 0851102379 First Edition Pamphlet Very Good 
. 40 pages. "At the heart of every Christian's life is his meeting with God; praising, listening, sharing problems and hopes. Many of us agree, yet fail to make that vital contact. This booklet shows how the intentikon can be a reality." Graham Claydon was a curate at All Souls, Langham Place, and later a vicar in Hackney Marshes. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
624 431292 Clayton, John N Timothy - My Son and Teacher
South Bend, Indiana, USA John N Clayton 1982 Pamphlet Good 
. 42 pages, the story of a child with eyesight, mental, and neurological handicaps, from birth to young adulthood. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
625 515063 Cleave, Derek Know How to Use Your Home for Evangelism
London Scripture Union 1986 0862013755 Pamphlet Good 
. 48 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
626 200035 Clew, Kenneth R The Dingwall Canal (Local Studies No 1)
Dingwall Dingwall Museum Trust 1988 Pamphlet Good 
. 9 pages. The history of the canalisation of the mouth of the River Peffery (opened 1817) to form a harbour which was used for trade in grain, potatoes, wool, timber, coal, and fish. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
627 443094 Clifford, Alan C Sons of Calvin: Three Huguenot Pastors
Norwich Charenton Reformed Publishing 1999 0952671611 First Edition Pamphlet Very Good 
. 64 pages. Lives of Jean Daillé, Claude Brousson, and Antoine Court. 
Price: 3.50 GBP
628 451948 Clifford, David L You Have an Unction: The Ministries of the Spirit of Christ
Faroe Islands Earthen Vessel Publishers 1988 Paperback Good 
. 72 pages. By the founder and former Principal of Moorlands Bible College. Not a charismatic book. TWO copies available at the time of cataloguing. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
629 012630 Clinton, Iris Young Man in a Hurry: The Story of William Carey (Stories of Faith and Fame)
Guildford Lutterworth Press 1974 0718808711 Hard Cover Average 
. 93 pages. Colour frontispiece, good sized print. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
630 437793 Clouse, Robert G; Hosack, Robert N; Pierard, Richard V The New Millennium Manual: A Once and Future Guide
Grand Rapids Baker Books 1999 0801058481 Paperback Good 
. 222 pages, illustrated, a book about millennialism and about ideas on the new millennium which we have since entered. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
631 012928 Clowney, Edmund Prosper The Doctrine of the Church (An International Library of Philosophy and Theology: Biblical and Theological Studies series)
Philadelphia Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company 1974 Pamphlet Average 
. 60 pages. Edges foxed. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
632 423317 Clyde, Robert D From Rebel to Hero: The Image of the Highlander, 1745-1830
East Linton Tuckwell Press Ltd 1998 1862320276 Paperback Good Plus 
. 201 pages. Explores the rehabilitation of the Scottish Gaels from the time of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, up to 1830, with perceptions changeing from viewing them as rebellious barbarians to seeing them as model British subjects. Chapters: 1) Whig Polemicists; 2) Improvers; 3) Civilisers, Educators, and Evangelists; 4) Travellers; 5) Romanticists; 6) Militarists. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
633 011438 Coates, Gerald Homosexuality and the Christian
Cobham Privately Printed 1985 Pamphlet Good 
. 5 pages. Undated. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
634 011701 Coates, Thomas The Proverbs for Today: Devotional Meditations
Saint Louis Concordia Publishing House 1963 Hard Cover Average Average 
. 116 pages. Short pieces of approx. 1 page each on individual proverbs from the Book of Proverbs. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
635 012586 Cockburn, Henry Thomas, Lord; Gray, W Forbes (editor) Memorials of His Time (Scottish Classics, No 1)
Edinburgh Robert Grant & Son, Ltd 1945 Cloth Average 
. xv + 280 pages, illustrated; abridged and edited with notes by W Forbes Gray. An account of the distinguished men and important events of the author's lifetime in Edinburgh, forming a "graphic and entertaining account of the social, literary, and political state of Scotland during the closing decades of the eighteenth and the first thirty years of the nineteenth century". 
Price: 2.75 GBP
636 451152 Coffey, Ian He Tells Us to Go: Evangelism - Sharing Good News in a Divided World
London Hodder & Stoughton 1986 0340390859 Paperback Average 
. 62 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
637 513323 Coffey, Ian Philippians: Crossway Bible Guide: Free to Be God's People
Nottingham Crossway Books 1994 1856840859 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 131 pages, paper somewhat browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
638 428378 Coffey, Ian He Tells Us to Go: Evangelism - Sharing Good News in a Divided World
London Hodder & Stoughton 1986 0340390859 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 62 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
639 434110 Coggan, Donald God of Hope: A Bible Study and a Comment
London Fount (Harper Collins) 1991 0006275877 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 159 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
640 434193 Coggan, Donald Sinews of Faith: A Primary Visitation Charge to the Diocese of York, April 1969
London Hodder & Stoughton 1969 0340105712 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 94 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
641 425068 Coggle, Paul; Schenke, Heiner Teach Yourself German: Book and Cassette Pack - A Complete Course in Understanding, Speaking and Writing
London Hodder & Stoughton 1998 0340690844 Paperback Good Plus 
. 330 page book + cassette in plastic case. Tape not checked but we offer a full refund if any of our tapes is faulty. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
642 504582 Cohen, David; Gaukroger, Stephen How to Close Your Church in a Decade
London Scripture Union 1992 0862015685 First Edition Paperback Average Plus 
. 224 pages, on church and evangelism. Paper a little browned. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
643 499108 Cole, Michael; Graham, Jim; Higton, Tony; Lewis, David What Is the New Age? A Detailed and Candid Look at this Fast Growing Movement
London Hodder & Stoughton 1990 0340529121 Paperback Average 
. 208 pages, paper a little browned. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
644 421961 Cole, R Alan The Gospel According to St Mark: An Introduction and Commentary: TNTC Tyndale New Testament Commentaries Series
London Tyndale Press 1963 0851116124 Hard Cover Average Average 
. 263 pages, eddges foxed. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
645 429306 Cole, Robert Alan The Epistle of Paul to the Galatians: An Introduction and Commentary (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries)
London Tyndale Press 1971 0851118178 Paperback Average Plus 
. 188 pages. Section-sewn paperback. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
646 011277 Coleman, John A Jesus Christ - Superstar or Saviour and Lord?
London Evangelical Press 1972 0852340516 Pamphlet Good 
. 32 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
647 013018 Coleman, Thomas The Two Thousand Confessors of Sixteen Hundred and Sixty-two
London John Snow 1861 New Edition, with Additions Cloth Average Minus 
. 240 pages. Covers stained and edges of spine a bit frayed. On the Puritan ministers ejected from their parishes under the Act of Uniformity of 1662. 
Price: 19.50 GBP
648 445311 Coles, Elisha A Practical Discourse of God's Sovereignty: With Other Material Points Derived Thence
London Passmore and Alabaster/Pastors' College 1866 Cloth Average 
. xvi + 255 pages, plus 20 pages of Pastor's College information. "... of the Righteousness of God, of Election, of Redemption, of Effectual Calling, of Perseverance." Prefatory recommendations by Spurgeon, Goodwin, Owen, Annesley, Romaine. Top half of spine torn away from bottom half and from back cover; front endpaper missing. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
649 005011 Collard, Mark Lothian: A Historical Guide
Edinburgh, United Kingdom Birlinn Ltd 1998 1874744459 First Edition Paperback Very Good 
. 144 pages, illustrated. Guide/gazetteer to historical sites and buildings in the Lothians (not including Edinburgh. Paper slightly yellowed. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
650 012144 Collins, Gary R Man in Transition: The Psychology of Human Development (Psychology for Church Leaders series)
Carol Stream Creation House 1971 First Edition Paperback Average Plus 
. 203 pages. Paper browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
651 012402 Collins, Gary R Living in Peace: The Psychology of Interpersonal Relations
Eastbourne Open Books (Evangelical Publishers Ltd/Windhover Trust) 1971 0900038012 Paperback Average 
. 95 pages, edges foxed. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
652 012145 Collins, Gary R Man in Motion: The Psychology of Human Motivation (Psychology for Church Leaders series)
Carol Stream Creation House 1973 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 203 pages. Edges a bit browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
653 445144 Collins, George N M The Heritage of Our Fathers: The Free Church of Scotland: Her Origin and Testimony
Edinburgh Knox Press 1974 Hard Cover Average Average 
. 171 pages, several photos, paper browned. Standard history of the Free Church of Scotland. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
654 441405 Collins, George Norman Macleod The Torch Still Burns
Edinburgh Lindsay & Co 1959 Paperback Average Minus 
77 pages, 2 b/w plates, some stains from past clear adhesive tape repair. Reformation history and heritage, celebrating the fourth centenary of the Scottish Reformation. Gift inscription on visiting card and signature of Rev Alasdair Johnston, Free High Manse, Dumbarton, 1960, glued to front endpaper. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
655 509386 Collins, George Norman Macleod John MacLeod DD [Principal John Macleod DD]
Edinburgh Free Church of Scotland 1951 Cloth Average Plus 
. viii + 285 pages, foxing to edges. John MacLeod was Principal of the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh, and delivered the lectures which form the book "Scottish Theology". A student for the ministry when the Free Presbyterian Church was formed in 1893, he became one of their first ministers, but re-joined the (continuing) Free Church of Scotland in 1905. Dr Lloyd-Jones spoke highly of his godliness. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
656 437515 Collins, Stanley Courage and Submission: A Study of Ruth and Esther (A Bible Commentary for Laymen series)
Glendale Regal Books 1980 0830704590 Paperback Average 
. 94 pages. Paper somewhat browned. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
657 464665 Colquhoun, Eva Campbell Is the Bible True?
Crieff Privately Printed 1930 Pamphlet Average 
. 15 pages. Undated. Reprinted from the Bible League Quarterly. 
Price: 0.65 GBP
658 514523 Colquhoun, Frank More Preaching on Favourite Hymns (Mowbray Preaching Series)
London Mowbray 1990 0264671872 First Edition Paperback Very Good 
. 112 pages. On the authors, background and content of 27 hymns. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
659 441431 Colquhoun, Frank Christ's Ambassadors: The Priority of Preaching: Christian Foundations Series: No 8
London Hodder & Stoughton 1965 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 93 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
660 512683 Colson, Charles W Loving God
London Marshall, Morgan and Scott 1984 055101069X Paperback Average 
. 255 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
661 435369 Colson, Charles W Life Sentence
London Hodder & Stoughton 1980 0340253061 Hard Cover Average Plus 
. 306 pages. When Charles Colson was released from prison early in 1975, he simply wanted to rejoin his family and build a new life. Instead, he found himself pioneering a highly original ministry to prison inmates and campaigning for penal reform. "Life Sentence" is a narrative of danger, conflict and hard choices. Colson's motives were queried and his faith scorned. Against official suspicion and the hositility of some inmates he developed a controversial prison outreach on both sides of the Atlantic. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
662 512543 Colson, Charles W A Dangerous Grace: Daily Readings
Dallas Word Publishing 1994 0849911710 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
. 346 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
663 013920 Common Prayer Book of Common Prayer Enlarged Edition 701B Burgundy
Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2004 052161242X Hard Cover Very Good 
. lxvi + 629 pages. Burgundy "imitation leather" soft-touch vinyl hardcover, designed and typest in large print - 11.6pt Lexicon N. 1 A (Enschede FF) - by Peter Drucker in 2004. Includes the full text of the translation of the Psalms revised by Coverdale. 
Price: 6.75 GBP
664 421987 Common Prayer, Scottish Gaelic Leabhar Na H-Urnuigh Choitchionn
Glasgow A Sinclair, Celtic Press 1895 Leather Average 
. xxi + 587 + 30 pages, some wear and tear to extremities of binding. Official Scottish Episcopal Edition of the Book of Common Prayer translated into Scottish Gaelic and revised by a committee started by the Scottish Bishops in 1890. Scarce. 
Price: 45.00 GBP
665 013790 Common Worship The Lectionary 2013 - Common Worship and Book of Common Prayer
London SPCK Publishing 2012 0281068313 Paperback Very Good 
. 96 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
666 472290 Conly, Geoff Tarawera: The Destruction of the Pink and White Terraces
Wellington Grantham House 1985 1869340019 Hard Cover Good Good 
. 160 pages. The story of the destruction of the Pink Terraces and White Terraces, spectacular silica deposits in the north of New Zealand, by the 1886 eruption of Mount Tarawera. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
667 428270 Connelly, Douglas Meeting the Spirit: LifeBuilder Bible Study Series
London Scripture Union 1993 0862018951 Pamphlet Average Minus 
. 61 pages. Some pages filled in in pen, 
Price: 0.55 GBP
668 424189 ContactPoint ContactPoint: Spring 1979: No 7
Glasgow Contact Publishing 1979 Pamphlet Good 
. 23 pages, magazine aiming to encourage evangelical thinking and theology in the Church of Scotland. The Christian Family (2) (George Chalmers); To the ends of the earth (Roy Spraggett); The Westminster Confession of Faith Today (Ian Hamilton); Justification (Alasdair Gordon); The Joy of the Lord (David Anderson). 
Price: 1.00 GBP
669 424190 ContactPoint ContactPoint: Autumn 1979: No 9
Glasgow Contact Publishing 1979 Pamphlet Good 
. 23 pages, magazine aiming to encourage evangelical thinking and theology in the Church of Scotland. Sanctification (Sinclair B Ferguson); Christian Parents and Education (Eric McCallum); Submitting to the Bible (Jock Robertson); The Christian Attitude to the Media: Reformation - Not Reaction (John Wilson). 
Price: 1.00 GBP
670 424191 ContactPoint ContactPoint: Autumn 1979: No 9
Glasgow Contact Publishing 1979 Pamphlet Good 
. 23 pages, magazine aiming to encourage evangelical thinking and theology in the Church of Scotland. Sanctification (Sinclair B Ferguson); Christian Parents and Education (Eric McCallum); Submitting to the Bible (Jock Robertson); The Christian Attitude to the Media: Reformation - Not Reaction (John Wilson). 
Price: 1.00 GBP
671 437556 Cook, David Blind Alley Beliefs
London Pickering and Inglis 1979 0720804361 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 127 pages, paper (especially edges) slightly browned. On Scientific Materialism, Humanism, Communism, Existentialism. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
672 472397 Cook, Derek Men!: What's Missing in Today's Church
London Marshall Pickering 1992 0551025883 Paperback Average 
. 226 pages, paper a bit browned. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
673 012890 Cook, Norman Sam and the Glass Palace
Leominster Day One Publications 2005 1903087422 Paperback Good 
. 96 pages, "a Victorian adventure based on the work of Lord Shaftesbury. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
674 010928 Cooke, Jenny The Risk
Eastbourne Kingsway 1985 0860653587 First Edition Paperback Average Minus 
. FAULTY - page 75 - 76 missing. 255 pages, Christian autobiography. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
675 010300 Coombs, Peter B Life After Death (Christian Belief series)
London Church Pastoral Aid Society: Falcon Booklets 1964 Pamphlet Average 
. 16 pages. 
Price: 0.55 GBP
676 495763 Cooper, Anne (editor) Ishmael My Brother: A Biblical Course on Islam
Bromley MARC Europe 1985 0947697128 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 217 pages. Paper a bit browned. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
677 431141 Copeland, Edgar Clark A Study of Thessalonians
Pittsburgh Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America 1980 Spiral Good 
. 12 pages, large format spiral bound item. Undated. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
678 443055 Copsey, Kathryn Become Like a Child: Working with 5 to 7+ in Church
London Scripture Union 1994 0862018625 Paperback Average 
. 127 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
679 496196 Cordeiro, Wayne Doing Church as a Team
Ventura Regal Books 2002 0830726527 Paperback Good 
. 214 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
680 421845 Cornwall, Ebenezer The Present Crisis and Future Prospects of the Church of God
London Haughton & Co 1881 Cloth Average 
. 455 pages. On the future of the church and the Jews and the second coming of Christ. Attempts to demonstrate two future comings of Christ, one of a number of anticipatory "comings" at the dawn of the millennium, and the predicted Second Coming, at the end, for judgment. Denies a rapture before the end. Preface quotes from an appreciatory letter sent by David Brown to the author. Ebenezer Cornwall was a Congregational/Independent minister at Craven Hill Chapel, Lancaster Gate, London. 
Price: 14.50 GBP
681 514400 Cosgrove, Francis M Essentials of New Life: Biblical Truths a New Christian Needs to Know
Colorado Springs NavPress 1978 089109427X Paperback Average Plus 
. 180 pages. Francis Cosgrove, a Navigators staff member and "Director of New Life" at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church where James Kennedy began the "Evangelism Explosion" movement, wrote this book to help teach new believers essantial truths about living for Jesus Christ. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
682 490116 Cotterell, Peter Church Alive!: A Fresh Look at Church Growth
Leicester IVP 1983 0851104312 Paperback Good 
. 127 PAGES. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
683 513018 Cotterell, Peter Look Who's Talking: The Christian's Guide to Better Communication
Eastbourne Kingsway 1984 0860652890 Paperback Average 
. 158 pages. Paper browned. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
684 465132 Coulton, George Gordon Romanism and Truth: Part 2: The Struggle against Common-Sense
London The Faith Press 1931 First Edition Cloth Average 
. 388 pages, good sized print. Chapters: 1) Infallibility and the Vatican Council; 2) Sitting on the Safety-Valve; 3) The Final Breach; 4) Duchesne, Loisy and Tyrell; 5) A Catholic Scientist; 6) Infallibility and the Priesthood; 7) Infallibility in Politics; 8) The Faith of Governor Smith; 9) The Roman Index; 10) The Iron Heel; 11) The Priest's Education; 12) Clerical Ignorance; 13) Lay Impotence and Ignorance; 14) Romanist History; 15) A Gigantic Fraud; 16) The Slippery Slope; 17) Garbling and Forgery; 18) Personal Experiences; 19) Further Experiences; 20) Rome and the Schools; 21) Journalism; 22) Epilogue. 
Price: 7.50 GBP
685 464882 Coulton, George Gordon In Defence of the Reformation: Three Lectures Delivered at the Central Hall, Liverpool, together with Discussions, Comments, and Documentary Vouchers
London Simpkin Marshall Ltd 1931 Cloth Average 
. Page 185 (last page) missing. A little pen and pencil marking. One page stained. 
Price: 6.75 GBP
686 514213 Cousins, Peter Christianity & Sexual Liberation
Exeter Paternoster 1972 0853641234 Pamphlet Average 
. 36 pages, paper browned with age. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
687 441354 Cowan, Aldworth God's Tent: The Tabernacle for Today
London Pickering and Inglis 1980 0720804485 First Edition Paperback Good 
. 138 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
688 444420 Cowman, Mrs Charles E (Lettie B) Streams in the Desert
Llanfairfechan Oriental Missionary Society 1948 Cloth Poor 
. 377 pages. By the wife of the founder of the Oriental Missionary Society. Cloth covers dampstained. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
689 012992 Cox, Maurice Morality (A Christian Viewpoint book)
London Scripture Union 1965 Pamphlet Average 
. 39 pages. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
690 502366 Crabb, Edmund William Teachers' Correspondence Course
London CSSM 1955 Pamphlet Average 
. 10 lesson booklets in black binder. Probably 1950s or 60s. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
691 504333 Crabb, Larry (Lawrence J) Inside Out
New Malden NavPress 1988 0948188456 Paperback Average 
. 223 pages, on how God gives people real change in their lives from the inside out. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
692 509219 Crago, T Howard The Story of F W Boreham
London Marshall, Morgan & Scott 1962 Hard Cover Average Plus Average 
. 260 pages. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
693 012294 Craig, David That Wondrous Name
Kilmarnock John Ritchie Limited 1978 Paperback Average 
. 135 pages. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
694 464808 Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock The Ogilvies: A Novel
London MacMillan and Co 1875 Half-Leather Average Plus Ralston, J M'L 
. 432 pages, attractive light brown leather spined volume with gilt decoration and black and red spine labels, marbled boards. Slight wear to extremities, a bit of foxing. A novel by the author of John Halifax, Gentleman. 
Price: 9.00 GBP
695 491298 Crenshaw, Curtis I Keeping Covenant and Educating Our Children
Memphis Footstool Publications 1987 1877818097 Pamphlet Good 
. 27 pages. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
696 013510 Crisp, Tobias Christ's Pre-Eminence (Apples of Gold Series, No 8)
Ossett Zoar Publications 1975 0904435032 Pamphlet Good 
. 28 pages. Tobias Crisp (1600-1642), a Puritan, ministered at Brinkworth, Wiltshire. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
697 465111 Croil, James The Noble Army of Martyrs: and Roll of Protestant Missionary Martyrs from AD 1661 to 1891
Philadelphia Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work 1894 Cloth Average 
. 175 pages. 
Price: 24.50 GBP
698 495438 Crook, Isaac Jonathan Edwards (Modern Messages series)
Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A. Jennings and Pye 1903 Cloth Average 
. 95 pages, edges and endpapers grubby/foxed. Green cloth with numerous small fleur de lys emblems to front cover. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
699 495481 Cross, Claire Church and People 1450-1660 (Fontana History of England)
London Fontana 1979 0006357881 Paperback Average 
. 285 pages, paper browned, edges foxed. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
700 445393 Cross, Frank Moore (Jr) (editor) Scrolls from the Wilderness of the Dead Sea
London Trustees of the British Museum 1965 Pamphlet Average 
. 36 pages, extended brochure for an exhibition at the British Museum, the John Rylands Library, the National Library of Scotland, and the National Museum of Wales; based on the original American Schools of Oriental Research catalogue/brochure. Top edges and cover foxed. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
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