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801 432126 Dobbins, Richard D Train Up a Child ... Guidelines for Christian Parents
Grand Rapids Baker Book House 1973 0801028248 Paperback Good 
. 87 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
802 013435 Dobson, James Hide or Seek: Self-Esteem for the Child
Old Tappan Fleming H Revell Company 1975 0800708539 Paperback Average 
. 159 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
803 437776 Dobson, James C Solid Answers: America's Foremost Family Counselor Responds to Tough Questions Facing Today's Families
Wheaton Tyndale House Publishers 1997 0842306234 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
. xiii + 576 pages. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
804 435463 Dobson, James C Straight Talk to Men and their Wives
London Hodder & Stoughton 1982 034026425X Paperback Average Minus 
. 217 pages. Paper browned. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
805 478013 Dobson, John H Learn New Testament Greek
Swindon Bible Society 1989 0564078727 Paperback Average 
. 306 pages. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
806 443001 Doddridge, Philip An Exposition of the Gospels or a Paraphrase and Version of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John...Vol 1 [Family Expositor]
Atlanta The Granary 1978 Hard Cover Good 
. cxi + 352 pages, life of Doddridge followed by Family Expositor Vol 1. This volume has sections 1-89 (up to Matthew 16 / Mark 8 / Luke 9), and is the first of two volumes on the gospels. Edges foxed, slight evidence of past damp. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
807 432057 Doezema, Don Upon This Rock: Set of 3 Volumes
Grand Rapids Protestant Reformed Sunday School Teachers Association 2003 Hard Cover Good Plus 
. 473 + 455 + 483 pages. Three volume commentary set on the life of Christ and his acts through the apostles. A little neat red pen underlining to early chapters of Volume 3. 
Price: 28.50 GBP
808 432076 Doezema, Don Perspectives in Covenant Education: Winter 1989
Grand Rapids Protestant Reformed Teachers Institute 1989 Pamphlet Good 
. 44 pages. Articles on special education, corporal punishment, and various others. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
809 437584 Donaldson, Gordon Scotland: Church and Nation Through Sixteen Centuries
London SCM Press Ltd 1960 First Edition Hard Cover Good Average 
. 128 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
810 444408 Donnelly, Edward Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty: as Disciple, Preacher, Pastor
Edinburgh Banner of Truth Trust 1999 0851517447 Paperback Average 
. 152 pages. Spine area faded, otherwise in quite good condition. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
811 423550 Donnelly, Edward; Hyndman, C Knox; McKay, David Reformed Theological Journal: Volume 17: November 2001
Belfast Reformed Theological College 2001 Paperback Average 
. 100 pages, 7 articles: Hyndman: Colossians 2:9-15; McCollum: Training Covenant Children; Gregg: Columbanus; Leahy: Calvin and the Inerrancy of Scripture; Beeke: The Secret of Sanctification: Union with Christ & 2nd article on Walter Marshall; De Vries: In the Theology of John Owen, 7 book reviews. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
812 423498 Donnelly, Edward; Hyndman, C Knox; McKay, David Reformed Theological Journal: Volume 28: November 2012
Belfast Reformed Theological College 2012 Paperback Very Good 
. 90 pages, McCollum: James Renwick; Peel: The Lamb - Christology of Revelation; O'Neill: What is a Healthy Church?; Davison: Expository Preaching - the Need of the Hour; De Vries: Justification- the Central Article of Faith, 5 book reviews, 8 book notices. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
813 423551 Donnelly, Edward; Hyndman, C Knox; McKay, David Reformed Theological Journal: Volume 18: November 2002
Belfast Reformed Theological College 2002 Paperback Average 
. 105 pages, 6 articles: Donnelly: Glory & Suffering in the 4th Gospel; McKay: Unity of the Church in the Westminster Tradition; Leahy: Psalms as a Manual of Praise; Gribben: Evangelising Ireland: James Ussher & the Ulster Presbyterians; Beeke: Heidelberg Catechism & Its Authors; McIlhenny: Arminius & the Synod of Dort, 13 book reviews. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
814 432526 Donner, Johannes Hendrikus Simple Instructions in Bible Truths for Catechising (English language translation of Eenvoudig onderricht in de bijbelsche waarheden, voor catechisatiŽn)
United States Netherland Reformed Churches in America 1980 Pamphlet Very Good 
. 31 pages, 22 lessons of about 9 questions each. Undated. A catechism of simple questions and answers, by Johannes Hendrikus Donner (1824-1903), a minister of the Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken and a member of Parliament. Two copies available at the time of cataloguing. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
815 008403 Doolan, Arnold Beyond the Wedding Day
Toronto Everyday Publications Inc 1985 0888730365 Pamphlet Good 
. 16 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
816 464840 Doudney, George David (anonymously as the Gospel Cottage Lecturer) The Broken Heart
London Seeleys 1850 Leather Good 32mo - over 4" - 5" tall 
. x + 294 pages. 17 chapters on the broken heart in the experience of those who are led to a genuine salvation. George David Doudney (died 1865) was a first cousin of David Alfred Doudney, long-time editor of the Gospel Magazine, and was also married to David Alfred's elder sister Sarah Lane Doudney; after an early career in tailoring he was incumbent of Charles Chapel, Plymouth. Small black leather book with gilt edges. Undated. 
Price: 14.50 GBP
817 453097 Douglas, Eileen; Railton, George Scott; Allen, Margaret; Booth-Tucker, Emma Great Lives: Red Flowers of Martyrdom (Douglas); Lieut.-Col. Jacob Junker of Germany (Railton); Fletcher of Madeley (Allen); Gideon Ouseley: An Old-time Irish Salvationist (Railton); The Cross Our Comfort (Booth-Tucker)
London Salvation Army 1907 Cloth Average Minus 
. 104 + 135 + 115 + 133 + 135 pages. Five Salvation Army books, all but one of them uncommon. Red Flowers of Martyrdom is about child martyrs in the ancient Roman world; The Cross Our Comfort is a collection of magazine articles by Consul Emma Booth-Tucker. Covers stained, paper of variable type and somewhat browned. 
Price: 48.50 GBP
818 437654 Douglas, James Dixon (editor) The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church
Exeter Paternoster Press 1978 0853641676 Second Edition (Revised) Hard Cover Good Average 
. 1074 pages. Articles on people, movements and doctrines throughout church history. 
Price: 8.75 GBP
819 434263 Douglas, James Dixon (editor) Twentieth-Century Dictionary of Christian Biography
Carlisle Paternoster Press 1995 0853646880 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
. 439 pages. Half-page biographies of some 800 Christians worldwide (from Reformed to Roman Catholic and from Plymouth Brethren to Pentecostal) who lived part or all of their lives in the 20th century. 
Price: 6.75 GBP
820 006702 Douglas, K Northern Counties of Scotland: An Almanac for 1846
Glasgow, United Kingdom The Grimsay Press 2003 0902664689 Paperback Very Good 
. 90 pages. This copy was printed by Lightning Source, and apart from very slight scratches to the covers is in nice condition. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
821 425174 Dowley, Tim (editor) Life in Bible Times
Oxford Candle Books 2004 1859852440 Pamphlet Good 
. 32 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
822 476283 Dray, Stephen Exodus: Freed to Serve: Crossway Bible Guide
Nottingham Crossway Books 1993 1856840506 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 205 pages. Paper a bit browned. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
823 442254 Dray, Stephen Judges and Ruth (Focus on the Bible)
Tain Christian Focus Publications 1997 1857923235 Paperback Average 
. 160 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
824 504296 Drew, Donald J Letters to a Student: Staying Close to Christ During the University Years: Letters from an Older Friend to a Student Friend
Tain Christian Focus Publications 2003 1857928660 Paperback Very Good 
. 192 pages. Donald Drew was president of the Cambridge Intercollegiate Christian Union and had a long connection with the L'Abri movement. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
825 492882 Du Cloux, Rev A P A Jesus Made Prisoner
Midland Park Macedonia Mission Society 1970 Pamphlet Average 
. 24 pages, undated, No 72 in a series of sermons. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
826 451150 Dudley-Smith, Timothy Christian Literature and the Church Bookstall
London Falcon 1963 First Edition Paperback Good 
. 157 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
827 425079 Duff, Robert Smith Pleasant Places: Words to the Young
Edinburgh Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier 1894 Cloth Average Minus 
. 192 pages, by the minister of Free St George's Church, Glasgow. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
828 013919 Duguid, Iain M Esther and Ruth (Reformed Expository Commentary)
Phillipsburg Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company 2005 0875527833 Cloth Very Good Very Good 
. xii + 201 pages. 
Price: 7.50 GBP
829 520415 Duncan, Canon [Joseph] Popular Hymns: Their Authors and Teaching
London Skeffington and Son 1910 Cloth Average Plus 
. 330 pages, on 36 of the best known hymns. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
830 442279 Duncan, George The Renewing Spirit: The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer
London Pickering & Inglis Ltd 1978 0720804191 Paperback Average 
. 118 pages. Paper a bit browned. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
831 442068 Duncan, George Day By Day with George Duncan
London Pickering and Inglis 1979 0720803578 Paperback Good 
. 344 pages, daily readings, colour photos. Very faint foxing/staining to edges. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
832 476247 Duncan, George B The Life of Continual Rejoicing: Studies in the Epistle to the Philippians
London New Mildmay Press 1960 Paperback Average 
. 80 pages, addresses given at the Filey Convention (Christian Holiday Crusade) in 1960. Undated. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
833 421904 Duncan, George Baillie Wanting the Impossible (Preaching for Today)
London Lutterworth Press 1957 First Edition Hard Cover Average Average Minus 
. 126 pages. 14 sermons. 
Price: 5.75 GBP
834 013812 Duncan, Jennings Ligon; Hunt, Susan Women's Ministry in the Local Church
Wheaton Crossway Books 2006 1581347502 Paperback Good 
. 175 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
835 495750 Duncan, John; Sinclair, James Steven (editor) Rich Gleanings After the Vintage from "Rabbi" Duncan, being Evangelical Sermons, Lectures, and Addresses
Glasgow Free Presbyterian Publications 1984 0902506129 Paperback Good 
. 397 pages. Top edges foxed. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
836 465134 Durham, James The Unsearchable Riches of Christ, and of Grace and Glory, In and through Him. Diligently searched into, clearly unfolded, and comfortably holden forth, in Fourteen rich Gospel-Sermons preached on several Texts, at Communions in Glasgow.
Falkirk Patrick Mair 1786 Leather Poor 
. INCOMPLETE, only reaches page 274 of 276; last few pages loose and torn; pages in general discolured and grubby and stained. 
Price: 38.50 GBP
837 013775 Durham, James; Coldwell, Christopher (editor) The Dying Man's Testament to the Church of Scotland, or, A Treatise Concerning Scandal
Dallas Naphtali Press 1990 0941075028 Cloth Good Plus Good 
. xxvii + 380 pages. 
Price: 24.50 GBP
838 402088 Durham, James; Reformation Scotland Spiritual Backsliding: Outward Faithfulness but Inward Decay
Bathgate Reformation Scotland Trust 2016 1910013072 Pamphlet New 
. 9 pages. Comments by James Durham (1622-1658) on Revelation 2:4, printed in an updated form. Multiple copies available, please ask. 
Price: 0.30 GBP
839 402102 Durham, James; Roberts, Maurice J; Reformation Scotland Penetrating Preaching
Bathgate Reformation Scotland 2016 1910013099 Pamphlet New 
. 38 pages. Material from James Durham (1622-1658), giving instruction to ministers based on the example of Christ himself in the letters to the seven churches of Asia (Revelation 2 and 3). 
Price: 2.00 GBP
840 464676 Duthie, Alexander A Primer of Greek History
London George G Harrap & Co Ltd 1930 First Edition Cloth Good 
. 143 pages, illustrated. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
841 515037 Duthie, Charles S God in His World
London Independent Press 1954 Cloth Average 
. 195 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
842 469300 Dwight, Timothy Theology, Explained and Defended, in a Series of Sermons... with a memoir of the life of the Author
Glasgow Blackie 1842 Half-Leather Average Minus 4to - over 9ĺ" - 12" tall 
. Complete in one volume, with an essay on the Inspiration of the Scriptures by Daniel Dewar. xlviii + 916 pages, needs rebacking - pieces missing from leather spine and corners. 
Price: 75.00 GBP
843 013366 Dyer, William The Famous Titles of Christ
Edinburgh Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier 1883 Cloth Average 
. 142 pages, covers a bit stained, internally shaken. William Dyer (1632/3-1696) was a clergyman who lost his living at Cholesbury in Buckinghamshire in the Great Ejection of 1662. Calamy described him as a man of great piety, and a serious fervent preacher. It appears from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography that he inclined to some degree of radicalism and died a Quaker. 
Price: 14.50 GBP
844 444131 Dykes, J Oswald The Christian Minister and His Duties
Edinburgh T & T Clark 1909 Cloth Average 
. 371 pages, foxed, spine faded. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
845 446222 Eadie, John A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Epistle[s] of Paul to the Thessalonians
Minneapolis James and Klock Christian Publishing Co 1977 Hard Cover Average Average 
. viii + 374 pages. Edges foxed. 
Price: 6.75 GBP
846 445262 Eadie, John The English Bible: An External and Critical History of the Various English Translations of Scripture, with Remarks on the Need of Revising the English New Testament
London MacMillan and Co 1876 Cloth Average 
. xx + 440 + xi + 504 pages, endpapers etc foxed, cloth spines have some wear and tear with top half inch of spine of Vol 2 missing. Scarce. Inscribed "To William Maclean Esqr - The last publication of my esteemed old minister which please accept from your obliged friend John Stewart, Glasgow, September 1876." 
Price: 75.00 GBP
847 421826 Eadie, John The Divine Love: A Series of Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental Discourses
Edinburgh William Oliphant & Co 1865 Cloth Average 
. 327 pages. Half inch tear across middle of spine. A little minor fountain pen underlining here and there throughout. Internal hinges waekened, rear endpaper missing, gift inscription to front flyleaf. 
Price: 17.50 GBP
848 446278 Eadie, John Commentary on the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians: Based on the Greek Text
Minneapolis James and Klock Christian Publishing Co 1977 Hard Cover Average Average 
. lxiii + 480 pages. Foxed. 
Price: 6.75 GBP
849 469439 Eadie, John A Dictionary of the Holy Bible for the Use of Young Persons
London Charles Griffin & Co 1880 Cloth Average 
. 442 pages, illustrated. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
850 461283 Eadie, John Paul the Preacher: A Popular and Practical Exposition of His Discourses and Speeches as Recorded in the Acts of the Apostles
Minneapolis James Family Christian Publishers 1979 Cloth Average 
. 453 pages. Text of Page 453 cut out and taped to back cover. Covers slightly warped, page edges slightly foxed/discoloured/grubby. 
Price: 7.50 GBP
851 501057 Earl, Capt G E, Peter, Capt N Munro's Seamanship Primer: Containing the Revised Collision Regulations, Life Saving Rules, Grain Rules and Many Official Notices
Glasgow James Munro & Co Ltd 1955 Third Edition Limp Average 
. 118 pages, a few b/w & colour diagrams. Undated, contains the 1954 regulations. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
852 011584 Earle, Ralph Know Your New Testament
Kansas City Beacon Hill Press 1960 Paperback Average 
. 223 pages. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
853 008296 Eason, Joshua Lawrence The New Bible Survey: An Introduction to the Reading and Study of the Bible
Grand Rapids Zondervan 1963 Cloth Average Plus Average 
. 544 pages, illustrated; edges yellowed. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
854 006410 Easson, Richard Dornoch: A Royal Burgh: A Book of Drawings by Richard Easson
Golspie Northern Times (printed by) 1986 0951138103 Pamphlet Good Plus 
. 28 pages, penned gift inscription on title page. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
855 010865 Eastman, Dick The Hour That Changes the World: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer
Grand Rapids Baker Book House 1978 0801033373 Paperback Average Minus 
. 174 pages. Paper browned, some underlining/marking. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
856 432489 Eaves, J The Doctrines of Grace - A Testimony
Dawlish J Eaves 1970 Pamphlet Average 
. 4 pages, typewritten and duplicated. Undated. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
857 451678 Eddison, John Christian Faith
London Scripture Union 1964 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 67 pages. Edges foxed. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
858 007041 Eddison, John Christian Living
London Scripture Union 1963 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 60 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
859 476081 Eddison, John Who Died Why
London Scripture Union 1970 0854212612 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 94 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
860 467076 Edgington, David W Christians and the Third World
Exeter Paternoster 1982 0853642869 Paperback Average 
. 142 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
861 421725 Edmond, John The Children's Church at Home; or Family Services for the Lord's Day
London T Nelson & Sons 1861 Cloth Average 
. 409 pages, 26 services each containing a short reading from the Old and from the New Testament, two hymns, a sermon, and a prayer. This was the first series. A second series (427 pages) was also published, apparently in 1863. Spine worn and faded, somewhat foxed. John Edmond was a United Presbyterian minister in Highbury, Islington, London. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
862 012497 Edmunds, Vincent (editor); Scorer, C Gordon (editor) Some Thoughts on Faith-Healing
London Christian Medical Fellowship/Tyndale Press 1966 Second Edition Pamphlet Good 
. 72 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
863 453349 Edmunds, Vincent; Scorer, C Gordon Ideals in Medicine: A Christian Approach to Medical Practice
London Tyndale Press 1958 Hard Cover Average 
. 192 pages. Musty. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
864 437569 Edwards, Brian Not By Chance: Making Sense Out of Suffering
Darlington Evangelical Press 1989 0852341709 Paperback Average 
. 123 pages, paper a bit browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
865 468414 Edwards, Brian H The Ten Commandments for Today
Bromley Day One Publications 1996 0902548689 First Edition Paperback Good Plus 
. 287 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
866 008918 Edwards, Brian H Is Hell for Ever? (In Conversation ... Prepared to Answer Series No 3)
Bromley Day One Publications 1995 0902548190 Pamphlet Average 
. 12 pages. Written in the form of a conversation between a pastor and a young Christian. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
867 012061 Edwards, Brian H Baptism: Its Meaning and Implication
Surbiton Hook Evangelical Church 1980 Pamphlet Average 
. 14 pages, some pencilling. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
868 476190 Edwards, Brian H How Do We Get Guidance? (Prepared to Answer series)
Bromley Day One Publications 1992 0902548239 First Edition Pamphlet Good 
. 16 pages, in the form of a conversation between a pastor and a young couple. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
869 445288 Edwards, Chilperic The Hammurabi Code: and the Sinaitic Legislation
London Watts & Co 1921 Third Edition (Revised) Paperback Poor 
. 138 pages, spine taped, heavily foxed. The first 100 pages of this book are about the content of Hammurabi's laws. However as might be expected from this publisher (Watts & Co / Rationalist Press Association), some of the rest of the book is designed to discredit the Bible, by radical Biblical criticism and by claims that Hammurabi's laws were a major source of Mosaic ones. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
870 012774 Edwards, Denis G A-Z of Bible Study Books and Commentaries
Alresford Christian Literature Crusade (UK) 1983 0900284544 First Edition Spiral Good 
. 184 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
871 445386 Edwards, Jonathan Select Works of Jonathan Edwards: Volume 1: Memoir; A Narrative of Surprising Conversions; Sermons
London Banner of Truth Trust 1958 Cloth Average 
. 176 pages, undated, foxed. The content of Vol 1 as originally issued by the Banner of Truth Trust is not altogether the same as that in the 1965 and later printings, which had 244 pages. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
872 422315 Edwards, Jonathan The Works of Jonathan Edwards: Set of 2 Volumes
Edinburgh Banner of Truth Trust 1974 0851511848 Cloth Good Average 
. ccxxxiv + 691 + 969 pages. 
Price: 28.50 GBP
873 422317 Edwards, Jonathan Select Works of Jonathan Edwards: Volume 3: Treatise Concerning the Religous Affections
London Banner of Truth Trust 1961 Cloth Average Average Minus 
. 382 pages. Foxed. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
874 012828 Edwards, Jonathan Select Works of Jonathan Edwards: Volume 2: Sermons
London Banner of Truth Trust 1959 Cloth Average Plus 
. 276 pages, 10 sermons, retypeset, based on the 1839 London edition. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
875 441526 Edwards, Jonathan Charity and Its Fruits: Christian Love as Manifested in the Heart and Life
London Banner of Truth Trust 1978 0851510094 Cloth Good Average 
. 368 pages. Dust jacket spine faded, previous owner's name to flyleaf. 
Price: 6.75 GBP
876 514127 Edwards, Jonathan; Backhouse, Robert (ed) Experiencing God: Jonathan Edwards, Selected Readings from His Spiritual Classics
London Marshall Pickering 1995 0551029935 First Edition Paperback Good Plus 
. 182 pages, paper a little browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
877 444010 Edwards, Jonathan; Quincer, Sheldon B (editor) Jonathan Edwards' Sermon Outlines: A Choice Collection of Thirty-five Model Sermons (The World's Great Sermons in Outline series)
London Pickering & Inglis Ltd 1958 Hard Cover Average 
. 164 pages. Some pen marking. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
878 437208 Egerton, Gilbert R; Schmul, Harold E (foreword) Flame of God: Distinctives of Revival
Belfast Ambassador Productions 1987 0907927203 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 135 pages. Paper (especially edges) browned. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
879 442326 Eldergill, Jim (editor); Innes, Neil (editor) Candles in the Darkness: Stories of Faith in the Army and Royal Air Force
Tain Christian Focus Publications 2006 1845500938 Paperback Poor 
. 235 pages, testimonies of 45 members of SASRA. Water damage to second half of book. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
880 002771 Elias, Edith L In Stewart Times: Short Character-Studies of the Great Figures of the Period
London George G Harrap & Co Ltd 1911 Cloth Average 
. 260 pages, 18 biographies, with 16 portrait plates. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
881 013830 Ella, George Melvyn William Cowper: The Man of God's Stamp: A Bicentenary Evaluation, Vindication and Appreciation
Dundas, Ontario, Canada Joshua Press 2001 1894400097 Paperback Very Good 
. 239 pages. This is a different book to the author's 1993 "William Cowper: Poet of Paradise". 
Price: 8.75 GBP
882 435631 Ellicott, Charles J (editor) A Bible Commentary for Bible Students by Various Writers: Vol 2: Deuteronomy to 2 Samuel
London Marshall Brothers, Ltd 1900 Cloth Average 
. 511 pages. Undated. 
Price: 4.75 GBP
883 435605 Ellicott, Charles J (editor); Plumptre, E H; Sanday, W; Shore, T Teignmouth A Bible Commentary for English Readers by Various Writers: Volume 7: Acts to Galatians
London Cassell and Company, Limited 1897 Half-Leather Poor 4to - over 9ĺ" - 12" tall 
. 8 volumes in 4, leather crumbling/insect-eaten, paper browned, some boards detached. 
Price: 35.00 GBP
884 472404 Elliot, Elisabeth All That Was Ever Ours
London Pickering and Inglis 1982 0720804833 Paperback Average 
. 173 pages. In this book, Elisabeth Elliot shares her own perceptions on the meanings of the events in her turbulent life. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
885 472436 Elliot, Elisabeth Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testimony of Jim Elliot
Bromley STL 1979 090384303X Paperback Average 
. 256 pages, paper browned. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
886 009604 Elliott, Russell Angels in White: or Messages of Comfort
London Thynne & Co Ltd 1936 Paperback Average 
. 168 pages. Christian messages of comfort to those in sorrow and anxiety. Was also published at various times in USA by the Ralph E Welch foundation and Bible Truth Publications of Oak Park, IL 
Price: 1.75 GBP
887 495621 Ellis, Charles; Ellis, Norma The Wells of Salvation: Meditations on the Prophecy of Isaiah
Edinburgh Banner of Truth Trust 1985 085151457X Paperback Good 
. 219 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
888 012909 Ellis, James Joseph James Hudson Taylor
London Pickering & Inglis Ltd 1969 0720820413 Hard Cover Average 
. 96 pages, large print, frontispiece. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
889 011344 Ellis, James Joseph John Wesley (Lives that Speak series)
London James Nisbet & Co 1891 Cloth Average 
. xv + 228 pages plus catalogue. Signed A Warburton 1892. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
890 444276 Ellison, H L (Henry Leopold) The Psalms: Scripture Union Bible Study Books
London Scripture Union 1968 0854210075 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 126 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
891 008934 Ellsworth, Ralph A Promise Is a Promise
Darlington Evangelical Press 1996 0852343876 First Edition Paperback Very Good 
. 206 pages. On the promises of God in Christ. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
892 441426 Ellsworth, Roger Journey to the Cross: God's Amazing Plan of Salvation
Darlington Evangelical Press 1997 0852343973 First Edition Paperback Good Plus 
. 238 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
893 509095 Elton, Romeo Life of Roger Williams, the Earliest Legislator and True Champion for a Full and Absolute Liberty of Conscience
London Albert Cockshaw 1852 Hard Cover Poor 
. 173 pages, undated. Boards worn, spine torn, title page inkstained, pages a bit grubby throughout. A prize awarded to Angus Nicolson (Sculumus, Broadford, Isle of Skye) for proficiency in modern geography by William McDonald, teacher, Breakish. A fairly scarce book both in its UK and US editions. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
894 432307 Engelsma, David The Church Today and the Reformation Church: A Comparison: A Protestant Manifesto
South Holland South Holland Protestant Reformed Church 1972 Pamphlet Good 
. 16 pages. Some neat red pen underlining. 
Price: 0.65 GBP
895 431351 Engelsma, David Reformed Education
South Holland Federation of Protestant Reformed Young People's Societies 1981 Paperback Good 
. 92 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
896 431692 Engelsma, David J Evangelism and the Reformed Faith
South Holland South Holland Protestant Reformed Church 1990 Pamphlet Good 
. 24 pages. Undated. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
897 423221 Engelsma, David J Unfolding Covenant History: An Exposition of the Old Testament: Volume 5: Judges and Ruth
Grandville Reformed Free Publishing Association 2005 0916206866 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good 
. 213 pages. Previous owner's name blacked out inside front cover, bookstore label inside back cover, otherwise appears virtually as new condition. A continuation of the series begun by the late Homer C Hoeksema. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
898 515079 Engelsma, David J Evangelism and the Reformed Faith
South Holland South Holland Protestant Reformed Church 1980 Pamphlet Average 
. 24 pages. Undated but late 20th century. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
899 010465 England, Edward (editor) David Watson: A Portrait by His Friends
Crowborough Highland Books 1985 0946616167 Paperback Average 
. 215 pages, paper a bit browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
900 513985 Engle, Paul E Worship Planbook: A Manual for Worship Leaders
Philadelphia Great Commission Publications 1981 0934688036 Pamphlet Very Good 
. 74 pages, large format. Employs a "thematic-theocentric" approach. Part 1: Foundations; Part 2: Resources - Thematic Worship Guides giving Call to Worship verses, Scripture Readings, Hymns and Psalms for use with 28 themes on God's Acts, and his Incommunicable and Communicable Attributes. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
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