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The Holy Spirit; Pentecostal Movements

The Holy Spirit; Pentecostal Movements

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1 437594 Andrews, Edgar H The Promise of the Spirit
Welwyn Evangelical Press 1982 0852341628 / 9780852341629 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 264 pages. A look at the work of the Holy Spirit in Scripture, with special reference to the different viewpoints on the baptism and sealing of the Holy Spirit and the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
2 011571 Beougher, Tim; Dorsett, Lyle Tears of Revival: A First-Hand Account of the Dramatic Spiritual Awakening at Wheaton College ... and Beyond
Eastbourne Kingsway Publications 1995 0854766081 / 9780854766086 Paperback Average 
. 159 pages, paper slightly browned. 
Price: 3.75 GBP
3 437460 Budgen, Victor The Charismatics and the Word of God: A Biblical and Historical Perspective on the Charismatic Movement
Welwyn Evangelical Press 1986 0852342098 / 9780852342091 Paperback Average 
. 281 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
4 009114 Butler, Colin S Test the Spirits: An Examination of the Charismatic Movement
Welwyn Evangelical Press 1985 0852342179 / 9780852342176 First Edition Paperback Poor 
. 156 pages. Front cover missing, page edges browned, otherwise in fairly good condition. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
5 012298 Calver, Clive The Holy Spirit: Transforming Us and Our World
London Scripture Union 2001 1859995276 / 9781859995273 Fully Revised Edition Paperback Good 
. 172 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
6 437666 Chantry, Walter J Signs of the Apostles: Observations on Pentecostalism Old and New
Edinburgh Banner of Truth Trust 1973 0851511759 / 9780851511757 First Edition Paperback Average 
. 101 pages, paper browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
7 446121 Chantry, Walter J; Zamora G, Jorge E (translator) Seņales de los Apostoles: Observaciones Sobre el Pentecostalismo Antiguo y Nuevo
Edinburgh Banner of Truth Trust 1990 0851515738 / 9780851515731 Paperback Good 
. 160 pages. Spanish language translation of "Signs of the Apostles". 
Price: 2.50 GBP
8 013433 Churchill, Robert King Glorious is the Baptism of the Spirit
Nutley Presbyterian and Reformed 1976 Paperback Good 
. 74 pages. Dedicated to Professor John Murray. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
9 451948 Clifford, David L You Have an Unction: The Ministries of the Spirit of Christ
Faroe Islands Earthen Vessel Publishers 1988 Paperback Good 
. 72 pages. By the founder and former Principal of Moorlands Bible College. Not a charismatic book. TWO copies available at the time of cataloguing. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
10 442279 Duncan, George The Renewing Spirit: The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer
London Pickering & Inglis Ltd 1978 0720804191 / 9780720804195 Paperback Average 
. 118 pages. Paper a bit browned. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
11 012497 Edmunds, Vincent (editor); Scorer, C Gordon (editor) Some Thoughts on Faith-Healing
London Christian Medical Fellowship/Tyndale Press 1966 Second Edition Pamphlet Good 
. 72 pages. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
12 010465 England, Edward (editor) David Watson: A Portrait by His Friends
Crowborough Highland Books 1985 0946616167 / 9780946616169 Paperback Average 
. 215 pages, paper a bit browned. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
13 427267 Gordon, Adoniram Judson The Holy Spirit in Missions
London Hodder & Stoughton 1893 Cloth Average 
. 241 pages. 
Price: 7.50 GBP
14 445277 Gurr, Eric T The Sound of a Trumpet: Being a Modest Contribution to the Present New Pentecostalism Debate, Exegetically Considering the Gift of Tongues and the Baptism of the Spirit and Other Associated Subjects
Leicester Eric T Gurr 1965 Pamphlet Average 
. 32 pages, foxed. 
Price: 1.50 GBP
15 008936 Hand, Chris Falling Short? The Alpha Course Examined
Epsom Day One Publications 2002 0902548883 / 9780902548886 Paperback Good 
. 103 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP
16 453179 Heijkoop, Hendrik Leendert Faith Healing, Speaking in Tongues, Signs and Miracles in the Light of Scripture
Dillenburg Gute Botschaft Verlag 1988 Pamphlet Good 
. 40 pages, edges cut slightly wrong but text still readable. H L Heijkoop (1906-1995) was a member of a Brethren group in Holland, and was in a concentration camp during the war after encouraging German brethren to have no involvement with Hitler's regime and the persecution of Jews. 
Price: 1.00 GBP
17 428485 Hillstrom, Elizabeth L Testing the Spirits: Discerning the Truth About Near-Death Experiences, Mystical Healings, Communication with Spirits .....
Downers Grove InterVarsity Press 1995 0830816046 / 9780830816040 Paperback Good 
. 240 pages. 
Price: 1.75 GBP
18 012738 Jasmin, Don The Enemy Within: A Scriptural Analysis of the Charismatic Movement
Wales Vocal Protestants' International Fellowship 1990 Pamphlet Good 
. 10 pages. Undated. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
19 012737 Jasmin, Don The Enemy Within: A Scriptural Analysis of the Charismatic Movement
Wales Vocal Protestants' International Fellowship 1990 Pamphlet Good 
. 10 pages. Undated. 
Price: 0.75 GBP
20 437473 MacArthur, John F, Jr. Charismatic Chaos
Grand Rapids Zondervan Publishing House 1992 0310575796 / 9780310575795 Paperback Average Plus 
. 308 pages. 
Price: 2.75 GBP

Newly Catalogued Books
Lectures on Revivals of Religion
Sprague, William Buell
5.75 GBP

Signs of the Apostles: Observations on Pentecostalism Old and New
Chantry, Walter J
1.75 GBP

The Promise of the Spirit
Andrews, Edgar H
2.75 GBP

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Macleod, Donald M
1.00 GBP

The Spirit of Promise
Macleod, Donald
2.75 GBP

The Enemy Within: A Scriptural Analysis of the Charismatic Movement
Jasmin, Don
0.75 GBP

The Enemy Within: A Scriptural Analysis of the Charismatic Movement
Jasmin, Don
0.75 GBP

Some Thoughts on Faith-Healing
Edmunds, Vincent (editor); Scorer, C Gordon (editor)
1.00 GBP

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