Inter-Varsity Press (IVP)
have their site here:
They are a UK publisher formerly the publishing arm of
Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) -
but since 2005 structurally independent of this partner body.
From October 2015 they are structurally connected with SPCK though retaining a separate publishing board with an evangelical doctrinal basis.

InterVarsity Press (IVP)
have their site here
They are a USA-based publisher connected with
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA -

There's also Inter-Varsity Press Korea - of course their site is mostly in Korean!

Both UCCF and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA are connected with
the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) -

The titles published by the UK and USA publishers are somewhat different, though some are joint publications.

Before Inter-Varsity Press, the (UK) Inter-Varsity Fellowship used to publish simply as Inter-Varsity Fellowship (IVF), and an associated publisher was The Tyndale Press.
Many past UK publications are available through the second-hand books website of
Peter and Rachel Reynolds

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