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The Beadle Yesterday and To-day

By: Thomson, D P (David Patrick)

Price: £2.75

Publisher: Crieff, The Research Unit, 1971

. 184 pages, slight foxing to page edges. About the history, work, personality, and attitudes of beadles or "church officers" in the Church of Scotland and other historical churches which united with it. View more info

The Martyr Graves of Scotland

By: Thomson, John Henderson

Price: £13.50

Publisher: Edinburgh, Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier, 1900

. xvi + 500 pages, many illustrations in the text. This copy undated. Gilt decorated light dark red spine and boards, top and bottom of spine a bit worn, some foxing /staining to preliminaries. View more info

The Anglican Evangelical Crisis: A Radical Agenda for a Bible Based Church

By: Tinker, Melvin (editor)

Price: £3.75

Publisher: Tain, Christian Focus Publications, 1995

. 222 pages, chapters by David Holloway, Mark Thompson, Melvin Tinker, Gerald Bray, Douglas Spanner, Jim Packer, Peter Adam, John Woodhouse, Os Guinness, David Field, Rachel Tingle, and Don A Carson. View more info

The Claims of Truth: John Owen's Trinitarian Theology

By: Trueman, Carl R

Price: £48.50

Publisher: Carlisle, Paternoster Press, 1998

Edition: First Edition

. 267 pages, spine creased, paper a bit browned. View more info

Theological Institutes (Selections)

By: Turretino, Francisco [Turretin, Francis]; Giger, George Musgrave (translator); Gerstner, John H (editor)

Price: £19.50

Publisher: Grandville, Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches, 1980

. 587 pages, large format comb-bound photocopied reprint of mimeographed book prepared by John Gerstner of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Due to the original from Pittsburgh this is a bit faint in a few places, especially in the occasional quotations from Greek (and even more rarely Hebrew) which was handwritten as compared to the English text which was typewritten. View more info

Reformers Before the Reformation: Principally in Germany and the Netherlands: Volume 2 (only, of 2) [Clark's Foreign Theological Library, New Series, Volume 8]

By: Ullmann, Carl; Menzies, Robert (translator)

Price: £24.50

Publisher: Edinburgh, T & T Clark, 1855

. 636 pages, cloth spine missing, internally fairly good, internal binding solid. Volume 2 contains sections on The Brethren of the Common Lot and The German Mystics (252 pp); John Wessel or the Reformatory Theology prior to the Reformation (352 pp); General Conclusion (20 pp). View more info

The Church Order Commentary: A Brief Explanation of the Church Order of the Christian Reformed Church

By: Van Dellen, Idzerd; Monsma, Martin

Price: £17.50

Publisher: Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A., Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2009

Edition: Third Edition

. 385 pages, reprinted from the third edition (1954). An explanation of the church goverment of the Christian Reformed Church, then an evangelical Dutch Reformed denomination in USA which had been at least partly descended from the church movement of Abraham Kuyper in the Netherlands. View more info

Image for Disruption Worthies of the Highlands: Another Memorial of 1843

Disruption Worthies of the Highlands: Another Memorial of 1843

By: Various

Price: £90.00

Publisher: Edinburgh, John Greig & Son, 1877

. 237 pages plus plates mainly by Woodbury Permanent Photographic Company. A little foxing, some pages loose, edges of spine worn/frayed; the backing sheets of some of the photos are a bit rucked, but the photos themselves seem in good condition. This Companion to "Disruption Worthies" contains lives (and portraits of most) of John MacDonald, Ferintosh; Roderick M'Leod, Snizort; David Carment; Alexander Flyter; Donald Sage; Charles Calder Mackintosh; William Fin... View more info

Short Biographies for the People Vol 1: Nos 1-12

By: Various

Price: £4.75

Publisher: London, Religious Tract Society, 1884

. Lives and full page portraits of Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Farel, Philip Melanchthon, Robert Rollock, John Wycliffe, Anselm, John Wesley, Albert Dürer, Samuel Johnson, John Knox, John Huss. Each biography is 16 pages including portrait. Last two pages missing, Front endpaper missing, covers grubby, front internal hinge broken, a couple of pages loose. View more info

The Church in an Age of Revolution, 1789 to the Present Day (Pelican History of the Church, Vol. 5)

By: Vidler, Alec R

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Harmondsworth, Pelican (Penguin Books), 1972

. 302 pages, paper browned. View more info

Against Heresy (Vincentius Lirinensis for the Antiquity and Universality of the Catholic Faith against the Profane Novelties of All Heretics)

By: Vincentius of Lirins

Price: £17.50

Publisher: Oxford, John Henry Parker, 1841

. xxxi + 206 pages, including introduction taken from Bishop Beveridge, and appendix containing references to Vincentius by Cranmer, Ridley, Jewel, Hooker, Laud, Usher, Hammond, Bull, Jebb, and Kaye. Cloth spine incomplete and taped. View more info

The Church and the Puritans: 1570-1660 (Epochs of Church History, v. 8)

By: Wakeman, Henry Offley

Price: £4.75

Publisher: London, Longmans, Green, and Co, 1892

Edition: Third Edition

. 208 pages. View more info

The Theology and Theologians of Scotland 1560-1750

By: Walker, James

Price: £4.75

Publisher: Edinburgh, Knox Press, 1982

Edition: Second Edition

. 207 pages, edges a little foxed. James Walker (1821-1891) was a Free Church of Scotland minister in his native parish of Carnwath, Lanarkshire. Chapters are: Survey of the Field; Predestination and Providence; The Atonement; The Doctrine of the Visible Church; The Headship of Christ and Erastianism; Present Misrepresentation of Scottish Religion; Do Presbyterians Hold Apostolical Successsion? View more info

Image for Expostulatory Letters to Free Church Ministers, on the Secession from the Church of Scotland

Expostulatory Letters to Free Church Ministers, on the Secession from the Church of Scotland

By: Walker, Robert

Price: £75.00

Publisher: Edinburgh, Myles MacPhail, 1846

. 167 pages. Robert Walker (died 1856) was a farmer who leased and improved the 131-acre Fyrish farm between Evanton and Alness. He claims to have come from a lowly background of limited education, but from the style of his writing he seems to have been a knowledgeable person. In these letters he lambasts David Carment, minister of Rosskeen for his involvement in the movement that led to the Disruption, claiming that it was political rather than spiritual, that his preac... View more info

A History of the Christian Church

By: Walker, Williston

Price: £3.75

Publisher: Edinburgh, T & T Clark, 1920

. xiii + 624 pages. View more info