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Maintaining the Evangelical Faith Today

By: Lloyd-Jones, D Martyn

Price: £2.75

Publisher: London, Inter-Varsity Fellowship: 1952

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 445330

. 20 pages. A bit foxed, staples rusted. View more info

Global Warning: Third Millennium Threats to Jesus' Great Commission Mandate

By: MacKay, Norman

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Tain, Christian Focus Publications: 2001

Seller ID: 437232

. 170 pages. Paper a bit browned. On world evangelism, and on deceptions facing the church. View more info

Christian Baptism Spiritual, Not Ritual; The Christian Sabbath: or, Rest in Jesus; The Decline of Quakerism: An Enquiry Into the Causes Which Have Led to the Present Moral and Numerical Weakness of the Society of Friends

By: MacNair, Robert

Price: £75.00

Publisher: Edinburgh/London, Paton and Ritchie; Trübner & Co; Alfred W Bennett: 1860

Seller ID: 464962

. xi + 202 + 83 + xii + 159 pages. Three pamphlets bound together; shiny black leather spine with gilt bands and brown title label. Robert MacNair (1827-1896) was a Church of Scotland minister in Prince Edward Island, Canada and Gourock, Scotland, and military chaplain at Scutari, Crimea, who, embracing views of Baptism similar to those of the Quakers (see Princeton Review, Vol 36 Issue 3 online), left the Church of Scotland; he became a medical practitioner in Leith a... View more info

Your Church Must Choose If It Wants To Grow

By: MacRae, Andrew D

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Glasgow, Pickering and Inglis: 1982

Seller ID: 437636

. 164 pages. View more info

Building Small Groups in the Christian Community

By: Mallison, John

Price: £1.00

Publisher: London, Scripture Union: 1984

Seller ID: 012051

. 238 pages. View more info

Expectations for Evangelism : A User Friendly Guide to Parish Based Evangelism

By: Marshall, Michael

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Oxford, Bible Reading Fellowship: 1992

Seller ID: 492612

. 143 pages. View more info

Building an Outreach Sunday School: A Lessons for Life Manual

By: Masters, Jill

Price: £2.75

Publisher: London, Wakeman Trust: 2005

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 009148

. 110 pages. View more info

The Master's Seminary Journal Vol 6 No 2: Fall 1995

By: Mayhue, Richard L (ed)

Price: £2.75

Publisher: Sun Valley, Master's Seminary: 1995

Seller ID: 511649

. 176 pages. For What Did Christ Atone in Isaiah 53: 4-5 (Mayhue); Pastoral Ministry In History (Stitzinger); The Religious Life of Theological Students (Warfield); Charles Finney's Theology of Revival: Moral Depravity (Lucas); Paul's Use of Elijah's Mount Horeb Experience in Romans 11: 2-6 (Vanlaningham); Book Reviews. View more info

What Would Jesus Say about Your Church?

By: Mayhue, Richard L.

Price: £2.75

Publisher: Tain, Christian Focus Publications: 1995

Seller ID: 441085

. 240 pages, on the seven churches of Asia. Paper somewhat browned. View more info

Preaching on the Life of Christ (Sermons on the Epochs in the Life of Christ)

By: McBirnie, William Steuart

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Grand Rapids, Zondervan: 1958

Seller ID: 001546

. 118 pages, by the former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas, introduction by W A Criswell. View more info Connecting to God's Work in Your World

By: McClung, Grant

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Cleveland, Tennessee, USA, Pathway Press: 2004

Edition: Revised Edition

Seller ID: 429003

. 293 pages, on worldwide missions, unreached people groups, and church growth. View more info

Understanding Church Growth

By: McGavran, Donald Anderson

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Grand Rapids, William B Eerdmans Publishing Company: 1974

Seller ID: 010632

. 382 pages. View more info

Evangelicalism and the Future of Christianity

By: McGrath, Alister E

Price: £2.75

Publisher: London, Hodder & Stoughton: 1996

Edition: Second Edition

Seller ID: 509293

. 196 pages. Paper a bit browned. View more info

The Great Omission: A Biblical Basis for World Evangelism

By: McQuilkin, Robertson

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Grand Rapids, Baker Book House: 1984

Seller ID: 515092

. 103 pages. View more info

Seven Reasons for Joining a Church

By: Meyer, Frederick Brotherton

Price: £0.75

Publisher: London, Baptist Union: 1967

Seller ID: 012059

. 15 pages, this copy undated. View more info

Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Call for Preaching

By: Mohler, R Albert; Boice, James Montgomery; Thomas, Derek; Beeke, Joel R; Sproul, R C; Armstrong, John; Ferguson, Sinclair B; Kistler, Don; Alexander, Eric; Piper, John; MacArthur, John

Price: £4.75

Publisher: Morgan, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Soli Deo Gloria Publications: 2002

Seller ID: 437849

. xvii + 285 pages. Good sized print. View more info

Our Giving: What it Is, and What it Ought to Be: A Plea for Increased Liberality on the Part of God's People

By: Moncrieff, J Forbes

Price: £7.50

Publisher: London, Morgan & Scott, Ltd: 1911

Edition: Third Edition

Seller ID: 445309

. 186 pages. John Forbes Moncrieff (1847-1927) was a chartered accountant and, in later life, a member of the Original Secession Church, being opposed to the fashionable innovations introduced into the larger denominations. View more info

Making God's Good News Known

By: Moore, Terry Michael

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Philadelphia, Great Commission Publications: 1985

Seller ID: 514042

. 104 pages. View more info

Preparing Your Church for Revival

By: Moore, Terry Michael

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Tain, Christian Focus Publications: 2001

Seller ID: 472400

. 111 pages. View more info

The Abolition of Religion

By: Morris, Leon

Price: £1.75

Publisher: London, Inter-Varsity Fellowship: 1964

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 013299

. 111 pages. View more info