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By: Anon

Price: £0.75

Publisher: London, Cedar Education Centre: 1990

Seller ID: 013056

Condition: Average

. 15 pages, stapled A4 sheets relating the concept of light to the Bible. View more info

The Great Divide: Christianity or Evolution?

By: Berghoef, Gerard; DeKoster, Lester

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Edinburgh, Banner of Truth Trust: 1989

Seller ID: 492756

ISBN: 0851515584

Condition: Good

. 180 pages. View more info

Horae Subsecivae: First Series (Locke and Sydenham etc)

By: Brown, John

Price: £3.75

Publisher: London, Adam and Charles Black: 1900

Seller ID: 520449

Condition: Average Plus

. lxviii + 468 pages. Mainly biographical pieces by the literary Edinburgh medical doctor and great grandson of John Brown of Haddington. The longest piece is on Locke and Sydenham, other chapters on Dr Andrew Combe; Dr Henry Marshall and Military Hygiene; Art and Science; Our Gideon Grays; Dr Andrew Brown and Sydenham; Free Competition in Medicine; Edward Forbes; Dr Adams of Banchory; Henry Vaughan; Excursus Ethicus; Dr John Scott and his son - Mr Syme - Sir Robert Ch... View more info

Image for He Made the Stars Also: What the Bible Says about the Stars

He Made the Stars Also: What the Bible Says about the Stars

By: Burgess, Stuart

Price: £3.75

Publisher: Epsom, Day One Publications: 2001

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 495548

ISBN: 1903087139

Condition: Good

. 186 pages. View more info

The Book of Job, Translated from the Hebrew on the Basis of the Authorized Version: Explained in a Large Body of Notes, Critical & Exegetical, and Illustrated by Extracts from Various Works on Antiquities, Geography, Science, etc, ... 80 Woodcuts & a Map

By: Carey, Carteret Priaulx

Price: £48.50

Publisher: London, Wertheim and Macintosh: 1858

Seller ID: 504439

Condition: Average

. xvi + 486 pages. Preliminary Dissertations; translation with textual footnotes, notes, illustrations from Egyptian monuments. Carey was incumbent of St John's, Guernsey. View more info

The Faith of the Vatican: A Fresh Look at Roman Catholicism

By: Carson, Herbert M

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Darlington, Evangelical Press: 1996

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 423789

ISBN: 0852343450

Condition: Average

. 192 pages. View more info

The Street Children of Brazil: One Woman's Remarkable Story

By: Carvalho, Sarah De

Price: £1.75

Publisher: London, Hodder & Stoughton Ltd: 1996

Seller ID: 509147

ISBN: 0340641649

Condition: Average

. 227 pages. Autobiographical. View more info

Darwin: Before and After: An Examination and Assessment

By: Clark, Robert E D

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Exeter, Paternoster: 1966

Seller ID: 013270

Condition: Average

. 192 pages. View more info

Evolution or Creation

By: Enoch, Hannington

Price: £2.75

Publisher: London, Evangelical Press: 1967

Edition: First Edition (British)

Seller ID: 445046

Condition: Average

. 172 pages, illustrated. Edges foxed. Foreword by Sir Cecil Wakeley, Past President of the Royal College of Surgeons. View more info

Image for Excelsior: Helps to Progress in Religion, Science and Literature: Vol 4

Excelsior: Helps to Progress in Religion, Science and Literature: Vol 4

By: Excelsior

Price: £5.75

Publisher: London, James Nisbet & Co: 1855

Seller ID: 480408

Condition: Poor

. 428 pages, covers damp-stained, some pages grubby, front endpaper missing, a number of plates. Educational periodical with some Christian content; some if not all volumes were apparently edited by Rev James Hamilton. View more info

How Firm a Foundation: A Study-Course of Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity

By: Juritz, Charles Frederick

Price: £7.50

Publisher: London, Marshall, Morgan & Scott, Ltd: 1933

Seller ID: 445217

Condition: Average Plus

. 192 pages, dust jacket torn. Lectures given in 1928 at the Bible Institute of South Africa. Charles Frederick Juritz (1867-1945) was President of the Southern Africa Association for the Advancement of Science for 1917-18 and an agricultural chemist. The lectures are opposed to evolution, and appear to espouse some form of day-age and perhaps also gap theory. View more info

Eve's Story: A True-to-Life Story of One Christian Woman's Search for Fullness and Equality

By: Lane, Eric; Lane, Joyce

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Welwyn, Evangelical Press: 1984

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 011043

ISBN: 0852341814

Condition: Average

. 248 pages. Paper somewhat browned. View more info

The Young Sun

By: Lisle, Jason; Faulkner, Danny; Samec, Ron

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Springville, Alabama, USA, Iachod Visuals: 2008

Seller ID: 210393

Condition: Very Good

. 45 minute creation science documentary. Will play in UK. View more info

The Puritans: A Sourcebook of Their Writings: Set of 2 Volumes

By: Miller, Perry (editor); Johnson, Thomas Herbert (editor)

Price: £7.50

Publisher: New York, Harper & Row: 1979

Edition: Revised Edition

Seller ID: 210653

Condition: Average

. 831 pages, paper in Vol 1 a bit browned. Lengthy extracts from the new England Puritans on History; The Theory of the State and of Society; This World and the Next; Manners, Customs, and Behaviour; Biographies and Letters; Poetry; Literary Theory; Education; Science. View more info

Evolution and the Modern Christian

By: Morris, Henry M

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Philadelphia, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co: 1969

Seller ID: 431498

ISBN: 0875523374

Condition: Average

. 72 pages. View more info

All The Way Home: Power for Your Family to Be Its Best

By: Pride, Mary

Price: £3.75

Publisher: Westchester, Crossway Books: 1989

Seller ID: 200114

ISBN: 0891074651

Condition: Good Plus

. 284 pages. View more info

So What's the Difference? A Biblical Comparison of Orthodox Christianity with Major Religions and Major Cults

By: Ridenour, Fritz

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Glendale, G L Regal Books: 1979

Seller ID: 495768

ISBN: 0830707212

Condition: Good

. 140 pages, title page missing; considers Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Unitarianism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Mormonism. View more info

The Relation of the Bible to Learning

By: Runner, H Evan

Price: £2.75

Publisher: Toronto, Wedge Publishing Foundation: 1970

Edition: Third Edition

Seller ID: 011253

Condition: Average

. 167 pages. Taken from the the 1959 and 1960 lectures at study conferences at Unionville, Ontario, under the auspices of the Association for Reformed Scientific Studies. View more info

Back to Freedom and Dignity: L'Abri Special

By: Schaeffer, Francis A

Price: £1.00

Publisher: London, Hodder & Stoughton: 1973

Seller ID: 014215

ISBN: 0340170174

Condition: Average

. 47 pages. Paper browned. View more info

Wonderfully Made: Some Modern Discoveries About the Structure and Functions of the Human Body

By: Short, Arthur Rendle

Price: £2.75

Publisher: Exeter, Paternoster Press: 1966

Seller ID: 013301

Condition: Average

. 159 pages. View more info