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A New Theory of Vision and Other Select Philosophical Writings (Everyman 's Library No 483)

By: Berkeley, George

Price: £1.75

Publisher: London, J M Dent & Sons Ltd: 1922

Seller ID: 465024

Condition: Average

. xxiv + 303 pages. View more info

Death without Dignity: Euthanasia in Perspective

By: Cameron, Nigel M De S (editor)

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Edinburgh, Rutherford House: 1990

Seller ID: 434155

ISBN: 094606847X

Condition: Very Good

. 205 pages. View more info

A Philosophy of the Christian Religion

By: Carnell, Edward John

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Grand Rapids, William B Eerdmans Publishing Company: 1960

Seller ID: 422337

Condition: Good

. 523 pages. Dust jacket present but incomplete. A few pen marks to margins and a few underlines. View more info

Three Types of Religious Philosophy (Trinity Paper No 21)

By: Clark, Gordon H

Price: £3.75

Publisher: Jefferson, Trinity Foundation: 1989

Edition: Second Edition

Seller ID: 015053

ISBN: 0940931214

Condition: Good

. 170 pages. View more info

Ancient Philosophy (Trinity Paper No 49)

By: Clark, Gordon H; Robbins, John W (editor)

Price: £9.50

Publisher: Jefferson, Trinity Foundation: 1997

Seller ID: 015054

ISBN: 0940931494

Condition: Good Plus

. x + 529 pages. View more info

The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark: Vol 5: Modern Philosophy

By: Clark, Gordon Haddon

Price: £19.50

Publisher: Jefferson, The Trinity Foundation: 2008

Seller ID: 015055

ISBN: 1891777211

Condition: Very Good

. 417 pages, large format. Books included: The Philosophy of Science and Belief in God; Behaviorism and Christianity; Language and Theology; William James; John Dewey. View more info

The Doctrine of the Church (An International Library of Philosophy and Theology: Biblical and Theological Studies series)

By: Clowney, Edmund Prosper

Price: £3.75

Publisher: Philadelphia, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company: 1974

Seller ID: 012928

Condition: Average

. 60 pages. Edges foxed. View more info

Blind Alley Beliefs

By: Cook, David

Price: £1.75

Publisher: London, Pickering and Inglis: 1979

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 437556

ISBN: 0720804361

Condition: Average

. 127 pages, paper (especially edges) slightly browned. On Scientific Materialism, Humanism, Communism, Existentialism. View more info

Luther: An Introduction to His Thought (Fontana library of theology and philosophy)

By: Ebeling, Gerhard

Price: £1.00

Publisher: London, Collins Fontana: 1972

Seller ID: 493377

ISBN: 0006428436

Condition: Average

. 287 pages. View more info

The Dust of Death: A Critique of the Establishment and the Counter Culture - And a Proposal for a Third Way

By: Guinness, Os

Price: £2.75

Publisher: Downers Grove, InterVarsity Press: 1973

Seller ID: 446423

ISBN: 0877849110

Condition: Average

. 419 pages. Paper a bit browned, edges foxed. View more info

Symbolism or Mind - Matter - Language as the Elements of Thinking and Reasoning and as the Necessary Factors of Human Knowledge

By: Haig, James

Price: £24.50

Publisher: Edinburgh, William Blackwood & Sons: 1869

Seller ID: 465206

Condition: Average

. xiv + 544 pages. Scarce Victorian edition. View more info

Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Ethics

By: Kant, Immanuel; Abbott, Thomas Kingsmill (translator)

Price: £1.75

Publisher: London, Longmans, Green, and Co: 1946

Edition: Tenth Edition

Seller ID: 465055

Condition: Average

. 102 pages. View more info

A Christian Introduction to the History of Philosophy: University Series: Historical Studies

By: Lee, Francis Nigel

Price: £7.50

Publisher: Nutley, Craig Press: 1969

Seller ID: 446596

Condition: Average

. 249 pages, edges etc heavily foxed. Chapters: 1) Prolegomena to the History of Philosophy; 2) Pre-Babelic Philosophy; 3) Ancient Eastern Philosophy; 4) Ancient Greek Philosophy; 5) Early Christian Philosophy; 6) Mediaeval Western Philosophy; 7) Western Philosophy in Decline; 8) The Rebirth of True Philosophy. View more info

Barth: Modern Thinkers Series: International Library of Philosophy and Theology

By: Polman, Andries Derk Rietema

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Phillipsburg, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company: 1979

Seller ID: 435587

ISBN: 0875525806

Condition: Good

. 68 pages. View more info

The Supernatural in Christianity: With Special Reference to Statements in the Recent Gifford Lectures

By: Rainy, Robert; Orr, James; Dods, Marcus; Charteris, A H (preface)

Price: £7.50

Publisher: Edinburgh, T & T Clark: 1894

Edition: Second Edition

Seller ID: 467563

Condition: Good

. x + 111 pages, some foxing, mainly to endpapers, and a little grubbiness. Signed John McLennan, Evanton, Feby 1895. A response to Professor Pfleiderer's denial of the miraculous, the Incarnation, and the Resurrection, in his double course of Gifford Lectures "Philosophy and Development of Religion". View more info

Cornelius Van Til: The Man and the Myth (Trinity Paper No 15)

By: Robbins, John W

Price: £3.75

Publisher: Jefferson, Trinity Foundation: 1986

Seller ID: 015046

ISBN: 094093115X

Condition: Good

. 45 pages. View more info

The Philosophy of the Atonement & Other Sermons

By: Robinson, Wade

Price: £4.00

Publisher: London, J M Dent & Sons Ltd: Everyman Series: 1912

Seller ID: 210521

Condition: Average Plus

. xv + 215 pages, 11 sermons and a lecture, interspersed with numerous fragments of discourse. George Wade Robinson (1838-1877) was a Congregationalist minister, of Irish birth and descended from Field Marshall George Wade, famous for constructing military roads in Scotland and for his role in the fight against the Jacobite rebellion of 1745. Foreword by F B Meyer. View more info

An Introduction to Philosophy

By: Sinclair, William Angus

Price: £1.00

Publisher: London, Oxford University Press: 1945

Seller ID: 464953

Condition: Average

. 152 pages. View more info

Spiritual Parenting

By: Spurgeon, Charles Haddon

Price: £1.00

Publisher: Springdale, Whitaker House: 1995

Seller ID: 490618

ISBN: 0883682656

Condition: Average

. 190 pages. Paper browned. This is the same book as "Come Ye Children" with occasional changes of spelling etc. View more info

The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended, Documented

By: Steele, David N; Thomas, Curtis C

Price: £1.75

Publisher: Philadelphia, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company: 1963

Seller ID: 509447

ISBN: 0875524443

Condition: Average

. 95 pages, in "An International Library of Philosophy and Theology" series. View more info